Thursday, June 21, 2012

Babymoon Version 2.0: Headed South To The Great Outdoors

My glasses broke first thing this morning. I hope that's not a sign of things to come because I have A LOT to get done today. I'm in my back-up pair today and feel like I'm walking on the moon. Spacey, if you will.

We leave tomorrow for Fun In The Sun Tour 2012, also known as our Babymoon. Yep, it's probably the last time we're going to go-and-do before Sullivan joins our clan. I really need a get away, I can't stress that enough. Even though we have so much to do before Spencer's party...if I don't get a break, I'll crack. And if this egg cracks, Sullivan may make an early debut.

Plan = swim, grill, chillax in the great outdoors, rinse and repeat.

I may not shower. I may not even put on make-up. I MAY do all my grilling and vacationing in my bikini, even if that seems irresponsible. I just want to put my brain on ice for awhile and hang out with my favorite guy on his first "vacation". He's been a party animal lately so I'm sure his mind will be blown by all the things he's going to see and do.

I managed to do a lot when we had our Babymoon in New York City so I'm hoping that's the case this weekend. And by "do a lot", I mean lay on a lounge chair and shoot the breeze with the lovely Carol High Hair. How pumped am I that Tommy Bones and CHH got a cabin at Salt Fork as well? They know how to CHILL, for sure! And how glad am I that Spencer is too little to make fun of synchronized swimming? Cause there may be some on this tour!

Hopefully to something better than "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'" this time.

See you Monday when my pregnancy is 2/3 over!

"Soon the chain reaction started in the parking lot. Waiting to bleed on to the big streets that bleed out on to the highways and off to other cities..." - Modest Mouse

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