Saturday, June 30, 2012

Appointment #6: All Our Ducks Are In a Row

This morning, I'm going to say goodbye to the truly awesome Brother Ed and to pay my respects to his beautiful wife and rad son. It's going to be heartbreaking. Slather pregnancy hormones on top of that and I better stuff my entire bra with extra tissues.

Brother Ed, safe travels. And please watch out for us all. While we hate to lose you, you're a good man to have on our side in the great beyond. I hope your pain is gone and you have found peace.

*insert teardroplets*

Tonight, I get to see a boatload of people I love and join with them in celebrating Erin "Hot Trash" and Josh "Heath Ledger" as they get hitched! It's going to be a great time full of great people...and TACOS! I know the bride is horribly nervous, but I hope she takes some deep breaths and enjoys her day. She's bananas in love with her soon-to-be hubby and they're a perfect fit. That's something worth celebrating.

Now some quick highlights about my 6th OB appointment before I get my busy day a'rollin!

-My blood pressure was perfect once again.

-I passed my glucose screening so no gestational diabetes and no 3 hour test for me.

-I gained 3 pounds so cutting out the juice (I do cheat sometimes) and eating a better breakfast helped get me back on track. At 27 weeks along, I've gained 10 pounds total.

-The baby's heart rate was a strong 156!

-My fundal height (size of the belly) was right on track! I should gain a centimeter a week now.

-Since he's moving like crazy all the time, there was no need to schedule Fetal Non-Stress Tests at this time. That would just mean wearing a belt that measured his movements. Again, after eating or drinking, he should move 10 times an hour. Measuring Spencer's kick counts is how we knew something wasn't right in there. His decreased fetal movement lead to the C-Section. But so far, no need to monitor Sully.

-All my appointments are made up to delivery!!! I go back in a month, then 2 weeks later, then EVERY week for the 6 weeks leading up to September 24th!!! Eek!

And speaking of September 24th, I just found out one of my super good pals is getting hitched the day AFTER I get out of the hospital! SO. BUMMED. I can't drive for 2 weeks post-surgery and I'll be all hopped up on goofballs. I bounced back quickly from Spencer because he needed me...pure adrenaline. This time, I'm not sure how I feel. But I am going to find a way to watch him get hitched! It's been a long time coming and he deserves all the happiness he can get.

So all was well in Sully Land. Spencer was a perfect peach at the visit. I held him while the doc listened to the heartbeat (and Sully Ninja kicked the doppler, ha). Afterwards, we went swimming at Aunt Sherry's and then kicked it at home. Besides a scary episode involving some soft apple pieces, it was a solid day.

Now to get TODAY started...

Expect some wedding pictures tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rest In Peace, Brother Ed

There is a completely cold feeling around my heart right now. My pal, and a pal to so many, Brother Ed, passed away today from cancer. And I think the part that is shattering my heart to bits is that his wife, the beautiful Natalie, said that today, she lost her best friend.

I can't even imagine what she and their son are going through. As soon as I heard, I looked for pictures of him. Everyone seems to be sharing what they've got through social networking. I found one from the old house...we would measure the height of every person who came over to a party and there on the pole was "Brother Ed". It made me smile because it was such a goofy thing to do it with little kids. But then I just felt a flood of emotions.

He had cancer. My son had transitional cancer. He's always at risk to have it. I still take him to the cancer center. More of my friends had it. Some still have it. They're too young. It's too soon. It's too damn much. He was a great person. Always talked to me about things I liked...sharks, hockey, Hall and Oates. The Pussyfoot Girls had so many good times and shows with Uncle Scratch. Friendly and funny and fun. He LOVED his wife and his son. They're a one-of-a-kind family. And everyone thought he was awesome. The outpouring of love and support and emotion surrounding this family at this time is truly a reflection of how many people think they're as awesome as I do.

After looking at the pictures and thinking about his wife and son, I cried. A lot. I held Spencer tight and just cried. He stared at me, quiet and inquisitive. I kept apologizing because I don't want to cry when I hold him. He is my joy.

He didn't know what he was doing but he put his hands on my cheeks and moved my tears around like he was trying to wipe them and put his mouth on my face like he was trying to smooch me. He really just ended up scratching and slobbering on my face but it was a sweet moment during a painful time.

All my love, everything I've got goes out to Natalie. She was as strong a fighter as Ed was during this whole fight. I remember back at the 1st benefit, Ed stood will his son and said that's what he was fighting for. His son should be proud. He fought like Hell and made the most of his time. I should strive to make an impact on people the way he did. I should also strive to let the people I care about know it while they're still around.

Rest In Peace, Brother.

"God took my hand and he took me to the water. God took my hand and he took me to the sea. God took my hand and he dipped it in the water. Now I am I am am I am I am free" - Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival

Glucose Test: Crossing Another Item Off My List

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the hospital for my glucose screening. This test is performed during the 24th and 28th week of pregnancy to check for Gestational Diabetes. I don't know if that should be capitalized, but I'm going with it.

I had to drink this horrific solution that had 50 grams of glucose within 5 minutes and keep it down for an hour. It looked radioactive. It was like a neon orange version of Slurm. An hour later, they drew a few vials of blood to see how effectively your body can break down sugar. Sometimes during pregnancy, this process goes haywire and you get gestational diabetes, which can be treated with insulin or diet.

However, wacky results don't necessarily mean you have GD. If you have an elevated result, you have the Glucose Tolerance Test (again, not sure if this should be capitalized) which is far more annoying. You have to eat a weird diet and fast beforehand. You drink a larger dose of the neon orange Slurm and get poked 3 or 4 times over a 3 hour period. NO THANK YOU!

Only 2 - 5% of pregnant women get Gestational Diabetes so I'm not tooooo worried, but I AM worried. I'll find out at my OB appointment on Friday what the results are. I really don't want to have the GTT because 1 hour in the lab waiting room was enough! EVERYONE was annoying

Especially the ancient lady that kept watching You Tube videos LOUDLY despite being in a room full of people.

I wasn't too fond of the broads who kept alternating between English and Spanish. And I don't mean when they wanted to keep thins hush-hush. It would be one sentence and a few words would be in English and then a few in Spanish, over and over.

Oh! And there was this older lady who INSISTED on hand delivering her husbands slides to pathology, even though the nurses were telling her the lab was a restricted area. She was adamant that someone would lose the slides during the 20 foot walk down the hall. She was reluctant to even give them to the damn pathologist who came out of the lab to retrieve them. Lord.

And the jerkwad who banged her baby's head on the wall when she sat down and then kept telling him to stop acting up when he was crying. I couldn't tolerate her. Grrrrrrrr.

I can't hang out with these people for 3 hours.

I felt pretty gross after drinking the glucose and I felt super jittery when I left post-blood draw. I told Sullivan all about how we were at the hospital where he would be born and about how great our doctor is and that I hoped everything was going smoothly inside his little uterine apartment. It was exciting to be there considering the NEXT time I'm there, it will probably be to bring him into the world!

Cross your fingers that my blood has nothing interesting to say!

And please say some prayers, send your vibes and juju, practice some voo-doo, whatever, for some friends of mine who had to go through something pretty rough yesterday. They made decisions that I can't even imagine making. Decisions I wish they never had to make. Pardon my French, but  F CANCER! For real.  I wish I could do more. Everyone does.

I love you, Wille Family.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Real Life Resumes: Fun In The Sun Tour 2012


At least I think it will be the final trimester. And by "final" I mean "there will never be another trimester for me in my lifetime". A conversation this weekend still has me pondering if I really want to shut the gates for good. Signs are pointing to yes but as they can't be reopened, I need to be super sure. And I'm getting there.

Sullivan will be here in 2 months 4 weeks and 2 days OR 13 weeks OR 91 days, however you like to slice it. As of today, he's about 2 pounds and the size of a zucchini or eggplant, and his immune system is rapidly developing. If he's like his mom, he needs all the help he can get in that department. And he's still practicing his breathing, getting ready for the outside world.

Now is the time I should be monitoring kick counts to make sure he's nice and active in there but...there's no need. He's ALWAYS active! The moves he should be making in an hour, he's making in a minute. They also say now is when my belly button might pop but nope. It's right where it belongs, despite my uterus being the size of a basketball now. Yikes!

Yesterday we returned from Fun In The Sun Tour 2012, also known as our mini-vacation to Salt Fork State Park. I think it was a smashing success from beginning to end, outside of a little sunburn and a diamond falling out of my engagement ring. The boys (including Todd) had a blast and Spencer was a total peach. Tom and Carol are the best travelling companions because they're soooo laid back. It was exactly what we all needed.

Hanging with mom and dad in the cabin.

1st hike to Hosak's Cave.

Pool time!

Drying off with dad.

So sad to leve Salt Fork...even with his new owl.

Fishing with dad and Aiden at home (North Park).

I took one million pictures since it was Spencer's 1st vacation but I posted most of them on Facebook so this is just a taste. A little pre-planning made it possible for me to relax as well over the weekend which is a good thing because from this point forward...chaos. Only a few weeks until his birthday party and a whole boatload of things to get ready. I can't think about it too much or I'll cry.

I cried last night for the 1st time in a long time. But I can't get into that. I need to roll with how I was feeling. It's not something I want to blather about here. Maybe I'll talk to a friend just to get it out of my system. I fear if I put it on this page, I'll just keep on reliving it...and it's something I have to live with anyway. I don't need to pour salt in my own wounds, you know?

So trucking along...

I have my Glucose Test today so I'll be fasting from 12:30 onward. Hopefully everything is gravy and I don't have Gestational Diabetes. I'd love to say I won't have it but this pregnancy hasn't really been all smooth sailing. So we'll see what my blood has to say! My stomach is saying it doesn't want to drink that thick, orange garbage. Sigh.

4 days until my next OB/GYN appointment.
41 days until Spencer's birthday party.
44 days until Spencer turns 1...and goes back to the Oncology clinic.
88 days until my last day at work.
91 days until the C-Section.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Babymoon Version 2.0: Headed South To The Great Outdoors

My glasses broke first thing this morning. I hope that's not a sign of things to come because I have A LOT to get done today. I'm in my back-up pair today and feel like I'm walking on the moon. Spacey, if you will.

We leave tomorrow for Fun In The Sun Tour 2012, also known as our Babymoon. Yep, it's probably the last time we're going to go-and-do before Sullivan joins our clan. I really need a get away, I can't stress that enough. Even though we have so much to do before Spencer's party...if I don't get a break, I'll crack. And if this egg cracks, Sullivan may make an early debut.

Plan = swim, grill, chillax in the great outdoors, rinse and repeat.

I may not shower. I may not even put on make-up. I MAY do all my grilling and vacationing in my bikini, even if that seems irresponsible. I just want to put my brain on ice for awhile and hang out with my favorite guy on his first "vacation". He's been a party animal lately so I'm sure his mind will be blown by all the things he's going to see and do.

I managed to do a lot when we had our Babymoon in New York City so I'm hoping that's the case this weekend. And by "do a lot", I mean lay on a lounge chair and shoot the breeze with the lovely Carol High Hair. How pumped am I that Tommy Bones and CHH got a cabin at Salt Fork as well? They know how to CHILL, for sure! And how glad am I that Spencer is too little to make fun of synchronized swimming? Cause there may be some on this tour!

Hopefully to something better than "Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'" this time.

See you Monday when my pregnancy is 2/3 over!

"Soon the chain reaction started in the parking lot. Waiting to bleed on to the big streets that bleed out on to the highways and off to other cities..." - Modest Mouse

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

For Posterity

A text message:

"The sign at kidder said never miss an opportunity to tell someone you love them. I would be lost without you. You are a WONDERFUL wife and an even greater mother. Im beyond lucky to land a babe like you. Thank you".

I must be doing something right. It sure is nice to hear.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend: Giving Props To The Man Who Gave Me My Boys

98 days to go! We are officially in double digits! Sullivan has nails on his toes and fingers, which are starting to wiggle, and is about the size of a squash or an eggplant.

And garage sales? What a waste of time an effort. Yes, we made close to $100 bones on stuff that would've otherwise been donated or probably trashed. And yes, I got to spend time with Spencer's God Mommy as she, and my niece, kept me company. But the amount of time I spent stressing, cleaning, pricing, and sitting in the hot sun WITH my son (little sweat ball) for 2 days in a row was NOT worth it.

The only way I would even CONSIDER having another garage sale would be when Spencer and Sullivan are out of the "baby" stage and we could sell Pack-n-Plays, swings, high chairs, etc. People go bonkers for that stuff and you can make some dough. But even thinking forward to that day has me exhausted.

I have to remind myself that this is money we didn't have before.

And yesterday was Father's Day! I did my best to make it a great day for Todd. I know it probably wasn't my best showing because money was a little tighter than usual and I was just beat from all the garage sale nonsense (I keep typing "garage sake" which I assume would be disgusting). But Todd deserved to be treated like a king since he gave me the absolute best thing in my life, Spencer Lee. So I mustered all the energy and creativity I could to make it a relaxing day for my guy.

1st attempt at a mohawk.

Acting more like daddy every day.

Awesome shirt for the occasion.

We woke up in the morning and had some alone time, just the 3 (well, Sully was technically there, too!) of us and I made Todd coffee and breakfast. I laugh every time I have to ask him how to make coffee. I'm 33. I should probably just KNOW by now. Sidenote: I'm 33 and still have never had a cup!

Then Todd was off to scoop up Aiden and visit his own dad so we could celebrate Father's Day and Aiden's 11th birthday (the celebration will continue at Salt Fork this weekend). I ran around like a mad woman getting everything ready. It involved some sneaky business but it all came together.

10 months old and already eye-rolling at his dad.

Todd and his current line up.

We opened Aiden's gifts (a last minute beanbag chair from Spencer for his new room seemed to be a big hit) and then the focus was all about Todd. He got a garbage can with a lid...something he's been mentioning since we moved to where the wild things are...from each boy. Aiden's had a 6 pack (he hasn't been drinking since I got preggo) and candy, Spencer's had cologne, and Sullivan's had a print with the boy's birthdays.

It was all very dad-like stuff.

A man and his cans.

My dudes.

It was a last minute addition but he loved it! I hope Sully doesn't decide to come early!

Afterwards, we hit a pretty bad-ass BBQ at my sister's. BBQ has both Father's Day and Todd written all over it so he was a happy guy, even snoozing on a lawn chair for awhile. Not even the rain ruined the shin-dig...the kids just kept on swimming. Everyone, including my dad who went to see Mitt Romney speak in the pouring rain, seemed to be in really good spirits.

Spence and Grandpa Mustache.

Cousins (notice the Sully bump off the right).


All in all, Father's Day was a success. When we got home, he spent the rest of the evening with Aiden and Spencer while I attempted to rest my aching body and brain. It's going to be a rough day today, I can tell. But unlike the garage sale, putting Father's Day together was well worth it. I wouldn't have Spencer...or Sullivan...without Todd so I can't tell you how greatful I am to have him for a husband. And next year, he'll have 2 babies looking at him like a hero.

Not bad at all!

Happy Father's Day to all of the awesome dads I know. AND Happy 33rd Birthday to Spencer's God Mommy, Tessa. I know it wasn't exactly what you wanted this year, but I still hope it was an amazing day. We love you.

4 days until Fun In The Sun Tour 2012 in Salt Fork.
7 days until my Glucose test.
11 days until my next OB/GYN appointment.
48 days until Spencer's birthday party.
51 days until Spencer turns 1...and goes back to the Oncology clinic.
95 days until my last day at work.
98 days until the C-Section.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Zzzzzzzzzzz: The Exhaustion Of Strangers Pawing Through My Things

Happy 11th to my step-son. One week until a fun celebration at the cabin!

 I can't believe it's only Friday. I'm beat up but not beat down.

 I'm exhausted right now but I'm also laying next to the most handsome little fella on the planet. He's lucky that no one has ever met their fate by being smooched to death because that would certainly be the means of his demise! He doesn't seem to mind. He's exhausted, too. Yesterday he had his first appointment at the Ophthalmologist. They had to dilate his pupils which I know can be very uncomfortable but he was aces about it.

The doc said he has astigmatism (like mommy) and is slightly far sighted (opposite of mommy). Sigh. They'll monitor him for awhile because they don't want drifting to a wondering eye type deal. We'll go back in 6 months but no glasses for now. He'd look adorable, no doubt, but it's one more doc and you know how I feel about that.

 I was more worried about cataracts because they can be common for him. No signs of fogginess so I'm not going to worry for now. We'll see what's what in December. Overall, he was a champ though. Doctors and nurses dig him. He's diggable. Just ask his Aunt Bizzle...he was really putting the moves on her last night! But she's a married lady...and he's an infant.

 Moving on.

He was a champ today, too. We were outside all day for our garage sale (part of a city-wide sale in Brunswick) and he was perfect. It was a long, warm day with a lot of lulls but he was stellar. Once his daddy got home, he relieved us of our duties and we went swimming. It's a rinse-n-repeat situation as the garage sale continues even longer, hotter day, I'm sure. But it feels good to get rid golf all this extra shtuff and get a little extra scratch. Hopefully it'll go towards the bedding for the nursery a.k.a. Sullivan Forest.

And Sunday is Father's Day. I'm a big fan of it because I have a cool dad and because Todd fathered 2 rad little pups for me. I wouldn't get to spend my days with the awesome little dude next to me without Todd. He deserves a great day...pool party and BBQ...with his 3 little (and not so little anymore) fellas. He actually deserves more than a day.

 If you're in our neighborhood from 9-4 tomorrow, stop by Castle Greyskull and see us. This guy makes for quite the persuasive salesman. But no, he's not for sale!

Happy Weekend.

Monday, June 11, 2012

24 Weeks: Post Script

Good news! For now, at least.

I spoke to Spencer's Pediatrician and she is not concerned about his thyroid at the moment. While his TSH level IS slightly elevated, his T4 (I guess they work together to make the thyroid do what it needs to) was normal. This I knew from his doc at the Oncology Clinic but I didn't really know what it MEANT.

I guess what it means is that his Pediatrician isn't worried. She's comfortable with the numbers. She'll keep an eye on it, retesting him at his 1 year appointment in August (she would've tested his thyroid then anyway) but as long as the numbers don't drastically change for some reason, she's happy. If she's happy, then I'm happy.

Right now I'm REALLY happy. No extra doctors and tests for Spencer!

24 Weeks: Hello 6th Month of Preggoness

Nice way to start the drive to work.

It's shocking that I'm already 6 months pregnant. I swear we just found out that there was another bun in my oven. But no, I'm 24 weeks along and in 15 weeks (have I mentioned that I LOVE shaving that last week off my countdown??), Sullivan Richard *insert 2nd coo-coo middle name here* Gansert will be in my lovin' arms. Solid.

Before blinding you with pictures of my ever-growing belly and details about what's brewing at 24 weeks...

Congratulations to the 1st of the 10 gazillion pregnant chickadees I know to give birth, Marie! Welcome to the world, Oscar Dragon! I can't wait to come meet you at the hospital and give your mama a major high five. Thinking your delivery is going to go one way and then ending up with a C-Section can be scary but you're here and you're adorable. CONGRATS MARIE AND RINGO!

So...24 weeks. On me, it looks like this:

I'm really starting to feel pregnant and 24 weeks is EXACTLY when I started to feel super pregnant LAST time around. We were in New York at Easter time. And I'm not just talking about symptoms. Yes, I get up twice during the night to empty the tank and yes, my ligaments are all kinds of loose and yes, my feet get swollen if it's too hot out and yes, I'm having a terrible time sleeping. I just mean that I'm really feeling it in general. He's moving ALL. THE. TIME. And my belly is ever-growing. I'm definitely pregnant. No denying it!

I had a wacky pregnancy dream last night that I was at work and we were meeting with our accountants to go over what our budget would be for cake over the next 3 months. Yep. Meeting to discuss the cake budget.

At 24 weeks, Sullivan is about the size of a half gallon of milk, or an ear of corn, and weighs about 1.5 pounds. His bones around getting stronger, the lungs are producing that gunk that'll keep them from collapsing (Spencer must not have had enough of that), he should have some hair on his melon, is pinking up, plumping up, and taking practice breaths. All good stuff cause he'll be here before we know it!

He had another cuddle session with his brother yesterday.

Outside of all the baby making, we've been getting ready for the city-wide garage sale that's going on this Friday and Saturday in Brunswick. We've been going room by room and getting rid of everything we REALLY don't need. It feels good to get organized but sometimes it's hard to part with things. You think, "Oh, so and so got me this 8 years ago"...but you haven't used it or worn it or you really don't have a place for it. It's time to let go of some things. And the money we make is going towards bedding for the nursery. Definitely a good cause, I say.

AND, after an embarrassing amount of months, I got my wig done!

And that's about it in my little world. Spencer is going to the eye doctor on Thursday (STILL don't know what's going on with his thyroid...can't get his Pediatrician on the phone), Aiden is turning 11 this weekend, and we've got a Father's Day/B-Day shindig to go to so it'll be nice to take a break from Castle Greyskull construction. Pics coming soon, I swear!

11 days until Fun In The Sun Tour 2012 in Salt Fork.
14 days until my Glucose test.
18 days until my next OB/GYN appointment.
55 days until Spencer's birthday party.
58 days until Spencer turns 1!!!
65 days until we go back to the Oncology clinic.
102 days until my last day at work.
105 days until the C-Section.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby: Today You Are 10 Months Old

10 months of utter perfection, if I do say so myself. All moms think their kid is the best but mine changed my life and keeps on changing it every day. I sometimes catch myself looking at him and think, "I can't believe I made that". There have for sure been some trying times over the past 10 months but the good has outweighed the bad by miles and miles. And those low moments just made my spine a little stronger and my heart a little bigger. I owe everything to Spencer Lee Fonzarelli. My little Boogieman.

Right now, the man of the hour is in his swing, beating the life out of his mobile and testing out his very loud pipes. He's 10 months old today which, per usual, I can't believe, and he's come such a long was from the tiny little noodle he was when he joined our family last summer. He has such personality, definitely his own little dude, but I see myself when I look at him. He is the commander of my happiness and I'm the luckiest person in the world to call him my son.

Want to know some junk about 10 month old Spencer?

-He loves being at his babysitter's house which is a lot like a summer camp! Swimming, swing sets, fun in the grass, walks, parks, and more. When I pick him up, he's happy and exhausted from all the stimulation he gets from the kids there. We are SO LUCKY to have her taking care of Spencer.

-He loved being in the swimming pool but STILL hates his bath!

-So far, he liked most solid foods that he's tried besides cottage cheese. I'd say that yogurt is his favorite and he's mostly been trying breakfast type foods. He's totally interested in what other people are eating and drinking. I bought him his first cup to start getting the hang of holding it.

-He's getting SO GOOD at feeding himself his own snacks. His dexterity and muscle tone in his hands is improving every day.

-If a TV show theme song comes on, he stops whatever he's going to listen to it, especially Modern Family and Conan. And his favorite toys are still his turtle that plays classical music and his little piano. He's going to be a musical dude, I can tell.

-STILLLLLLL rolling all over the place and really working his legs. Plus, he's OBSESSED with his feet. Even when I was giving him a bottle, he was trying to get a foot in his mouth.

-Starting to have a little stranger anxiety. When people he doesn't know very well get in his face, he freaks out. And he's not a big fan of loud noises out of when people cheer at sporting events after a big play or when out of the kids at the babysitters yelps. But he recovers quickly.

I'm sure there are so many more new things that have happened between last month and now but my little bum is calling for me. He's done entertaining himself and wants a play mate. He's a lot like me in that way. He's super independent but from time to time, he really wants a companion. I am happy to oblige! So I'm ready to go get my play time on. Happy 10 Months, Bright Eyes. I couldn't love you more. It's an impossibility!

Your daddy and I love you, goofball. But you could slow time down a little bit if you want : )

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Time Keeps On Tickin': Back To The Clinic Once Again

I'm not going to lie. I told Todd he should stay home and hang out with us today. I didn't nudge too hard but I strongly suggested. Not very responsible but it's hard to want moments in the big bed like the one pictured below to end. Especially when they typically only happen on Sunday mornings. And I knew that if he stayed home, he'd be able to go to Spencer's clinic appointment with us. I appreciate the fact that it's been 8 weeks between appointments, but they still bum me out.

My suggestion didn't fly which is for the best since I was already missing work to take Spencer to his appointment at the Oncology clinic. He's still at 27.5 inches but he FINALLY gained some weight, probably from the introduction of table foods. He's at 16 pounds and 10 ounces, and he also had perfect blood pressure and temperature. The nurses we're cooing all over him, per usual, and can't believe how big he's gotten. Then say his face really does look like a little boy and not a baby anymore. Le sigh.

His initial exam was great and this was confirmed by his treating physician. And they got his blood on the first try! Spencer was anxious about it before they even got NEAR him so he was pretty dramatic when all was said and done. They said they'd call me with the results so I didn't have to wait around (they even ran a recheck on his thyroid for me which was recommended by the specialist). But they said they aren't expecting to see anything. It's all just monitoring and that's fine by me!

And we don't go back for 9 weeks!!!!!!

Just waking up from the car ride.

Enjoying some pre-blood draw snacks.

Already mad and all I was doing was holding a heating back on his arm to make his veins easier to find.

UPDATE: I just got the results and everything regarding his typical draw looked good. Hemoglobin and platelets were good and while the complete neutrophil count was borderline low, it was still WAY better than it has been. So borderline low may just be his brand of normal. I was happy to hear all of this and it's what I expected.

What I DIDN'T expect was for his thyroid test to come back ABNORMAL. They said one of his tests had slightly elevated levels. They asked how to get a hold of his Endocrinologist because they'd probably want to do more tests but he doesn't have one! He doesn't need any more doctors! He doesn't need any more TESTS! So now I need to call his Pediatrician and find out what to do next. 

I probably don't really need to cry but I think I'm going to go ahead and do it anyway.

I don't want this guy to go through anything else. I don't want to go through any more either.