Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween: Too Tired To Type

I'm exhausted so I won't even be the tiniest bit clever. Today is our favorite holiday and we had to get up before the sun to get Spencer to the Oncology clinic. Boy, were his nurses psyched to see him and meet Sullivan! All is well. Our dude (who, along with his brother, was dressed like a skeleton) is up a pound and half an inch from his last appointment. Awesome. He didn't cry during his blood draw (so brave) and the results of that were solid. We celebrated with lunch at Fatheads.

After an hour of make-up and costuming, we went to my parents' Halloween party which was almost more fun without the Trick-or-Treating, rescheduled due to Frankenstorm. We decided to go as some of the Universal Monsters: Frankenstein, The Bride, Dracula, and The Mummy. Success, I'd say. We already discussed next year's costumes. Both my boys were so good today...and it was a long day.

Even now, at almost midnight, I can't sleep because I have to empty the milk jugs, as it were, and I'm sure Sully will want to eat again soon. He pretended to be a milk volcano awhile ago and that was a sticky/stinky disaster. But overall, boring as this post may be, Halloween was good this year and I do look forward to taking our little monsters around the block on Sunday.

Happy Halloween, y'all.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spare Time: I Like The Nightlife, Baby

It's funny that at midnight, lit by the muted television, with a sleeping one month old on a pillow on my lap, while "expelling" breast milk is now what is considered my free time. I'm not complaining, just taking note.

Tonight...or last night, as it's after midnight...I left my baby boys with their father for the first lengthy period of time and went on a girl date with my wife, Phoebe. We went to PJ McIntyre's and just talked and talked and laughed. I wish I could remember all the funny shtuff that was exchanged but my brain is officially mush. There wasn't a quiet moment and I had a blast. Todd had been encouraging me to go out and do something to get a break from all the mothering. It was a few hours well spent (I also went to the Carter's store and rustled up some clothes for the boys for X-Mas) and I believe I may even do it again some time! Hopefully with Phoebe. And hopefully she'll be tipsy. And we'll be speaking Yiddish!

But for now, I belong to the 2 gentlemen in diapers who will call me Mommy, as soon as they can talk.

I also belong to higher education as decisions I thought I had plenty if time to make have to be made NOW. But that's another story. A longer, more involved story that hurts my brain. So I'll postpone it until my decisions have been made and I'll spill the details. Or I'll spill blood. Or I'll spill SOMETHING as I am clumsy!

While I'm looking forward to Sully's 1st Trick-or-Treat experience, Halloween doesn't feel like Halloween this year. It feels off. But I am looking forward to our costumes. They're going to be solid. I wish we didn't have to go to the Oncology clinic that day but we'll put some skeleton jammies on our little monster and it'll be over in no time. Then the real fun can begin. I hope. If Trick-or-Treat feels off, I'll be so disappointed.

Another Post In Pictures will be coming soon because I've got a plethora of new faves to share. As soon as my school quiz and homework are turned in and Halloween is over, I'm thinking. Stick around for that!

And CONGRATS Jenn and Matt Terror on the birth of baby Mattie! You weren't wrong for nick naming him Peanut! Can't wait to meet the little guy! 2012 Tally: 3 girls and 7 boys.

Time to unhook the milking machine and go to sleep. I'm calorie and sleep-deprives today and am on my own tomorrow. So...GOOD NIGHT!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting To Know You: You're 1 Month Old

Happy 1 Month Birthday, Sullivan! No one ever calls you that so I'm taking the opportunity to do it here. I can't believe you've been a part of our family for a month already. I've enjoyed every second of your life so far but those seconds have gone by WAY too fast. I keep joking that before I know it, you'll be grown and that is a joke I need to stop making. You're my last baby and I need to make every second count.

Here is what I've learned about you in 1 month:

- You are STRONG and super solid. You got your food-related nicknames for a reason. You are compact and...solid! You could fit nicely in a meatloaf pan. My little pot roast. My pork chop. And you can already hold your head up for a lengthy period of time and put weight on your legs.

- Speaking of nicknames, you have a ton, just like your brother did. Sully, Turkey Leg, Pot Roast, Meatloaf, Boogie (like your bro), Sull-a-Roo, Mole Man, Brutus, The Catfish, and on and on.

-And speaking of your brother, he just loves you. Everyone does. When Spencer sees you, he lights up and tries to pet you, sometimes a little too hard. I lower you to his level and he kisses your head. It makes my heart melt. I know you'll be great pals. There's already something special between you.

- You like to be held. I'm waiting for your daddy to say I hold you too much. I don't think there's such a thing as too much. I hold you to comfort you and show you I love you. It makes me feel good. I have a very strong bond with Spencer and I want our bond to be as awesome.

- If you're fussy, I'll lay you over my heart and you'll fall asleep. If you're not on my heart, you'll find it. You get there on your own.

- You pretty much look serious and/or stressed 24/7 due to a crease in your nose and the fact that your brow is often furrowed. But you're a very content baby and only cry when you're hungry and for the occasional snuggle.

- No one has any idea who you look like (your dad says you look like me but I think Spencer looks like me). The cinnamon colored hair comes from me, for sure. And the full lips. Your head is shaped like your dad's and your skin is a little darker which MUST be from him. But overall, you're totally your own person. You just look like you!

- You have little tremors in your arms when you're asleep. We were worried about them but the doc said they're nothing, like when your leg juts out before you fall asleep. You should out grow them by 3 months.

- When you were born, you had a FULL head of hair. I mean, there was, and still is, a TON of brushable, stylable hair. Your one ear looked like it had a werewolf bite out if it but that has since gone away. You also have a few white dots in your left eyebrow. They're either clogged glands or a birthmark (which could be corrected down the line if we want...I don't even notice it).

- You have been a perfect addition to our family and have been very good to me. I've been so lucky, and I know it, to have 2 sweet, easy going sons. I can't wait for your first holidays and family vacations and learning more about you!!!

You're AWESOME, Baby Bird!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Inside My Mind: A Cluttered Mess, Indeed

My baby boy is going to be 1 month old on Wednesday and it's blowing my mind. Time is flying at warp speed and I don't like it. Officially, I have 11 weeks left of my maternity leave and during that time, we'll hit Halloween, Turkey Day, X-Mas festivities, and New Years. Sounds like a long time. But I have no doubt I'll blink my eyes and this special bonding time with my baby will be over. I'll be back behind my desk, turn 34, start nursing school, finish nursing school, nurse-it-up, and before you know it, my boys will be GROWN! Arrrrrrgggghhhh!

I have to turn my brain off.


I got an A on my first midterm since I started back to school. Feels pretty good, I have to admit. My current standing in the class is an A and I want to keep it that way. I REALLY want to graduate with some sort of honors. That's my goal. I registered for my last pre-req classes (Intermediate Algebra and Biological Chemistry) yesterday. 2 classes, though both online, working and being Mommy may sound rough but I really wanted the summer off to spend with my kids.

So that was decision #1. Decision #2, I have to decide which nursing school I would like to go to. I'm only considering school with Accelerated (see decision #3) BSN programs so that narrows it to CSU, Akron, Kent (my alma mater), BW, Case, and Ursuline. This choice goes hand-in-hand with decision #3. Do I go for the regular old generic track or do I go for the accelerated, in which I would be a nurse in 12-18 months, depending on the program? If I go accelerated, I would most likely have to quit working because this is a full time gig. And decision 4, which is a ways off, revolves around where I'd like to try to work and what kind of nurse I'd like to be (currently leaning towards something to do with OB). Oh! Then there's super secret decision #5, still under wraps!

Lots and lots and lots to think about.

But still, even though it's 11 weeks away, I'm dreading going back to work. I like my job. I like a majority of the people. I like working for my dad. But I like my kids more. I know being in their faces 24/7 isn't good for them, especially Spencer who needs socialization and loves being around the kids at the sitter's. But I'd be lying if I said I didn't envy stay-at-home parents. But I need socialization, too. Adult stimulation (sounds personal).

I've had several opportunities to go out and take a break recently. There's been 2 shows, parties, etc. but I'm just not feeling it. Todd had been pushing for me to go do something fun for myself but I'm too tired. Too out of it. Too guilty to leave them. Being at home with my kids, cooking, doing school stuff, making our house more homey is where it's at. I do plan on having some mommy gal pals and their male-counterparts over Once all 3 of us are healed. And I'm hoping to schedule a cocktailing date with Bizzle soon.

But I think my 1st big post-baby, adult outing will be the Food Show! It's our yearly tradition and this year we've got company in the form of Tom and Carol! Todd and I always have the best time and having such good pals there will make it even better. I don't feel bad about being a homebody until then.

Halloween will break up the waiting period. Gotta start working on the boys' costumes!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Story Of Sully Vol. 3: The Final Chapter In Pictures

I'm finally getting the chance to wrap up the story of Sully, mostly because I'm sick as a dog (fever reached 102.3 last night and when Todd peeled the blankets off me, I looked like I had been caught in the rain) and am stuck in bed with the man himself. If I'm going to be laying here, sweating my brains out and stinking like spoiled milk, I might as well do something productive. My little meatball is 3 weeks and 2 days old and has been nothing but awesome...and I have captured as much awesome as I can with my iPhone camera.

I'm a picture whore, I'm not going to lie. When Little Jen came to visit, she was shocked that there were already pictures printed and framed all over the house (considering he was only 2.5 weeks at the time). I wonder how many people on Facebook have blocked me because of how many pictures I post of my boys? I wonder, but that doesn't mean I care. My guys ROCK! So here it is, the final part of the Sully's story told by my favorite photos. And since it took me so long to do this, I have more "favorite" photos to use, rather than just from his 1st week. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Happy Birthday, Sullivan!

Mommy and Daddy

Aunt Phoebe, who was there when both our boys were born.

One last photo with the bump.

Any minute now.

Nervous dad.

Here he is! Sullivan Richard Skywalker!

8# 2oz and 19", which they now think was wrong. He was longer.

A full head of hair! With a spiky hairdo!

A dude and his son.

Meeting mommy.

So happy...before the cookie-tossing began.

Me, my mom, and my son.

Taking a peek at the world.

Kicking it with Grandpa.

Flirting with Aunt Phoebe, as my sons tend to do.

After his first bath. Showing off his muscles.

Spencer is here to meet his brother!!

He's a little unsure about this tiny guy that mom has.

Aunt Sherry.

Aunt Wendy.

Annnnnnnnnd GOOD NIGHT!

Our Hospital Stay

Good morning! It's the 2nd day of your life!

Not much to do but snooze in the hospital.

Getting to know my new pal.

My favorite picture of Sullivan!

Aunt Carol High Hair and Tommy Bones.

A little love from daddy.

Napping on mommy. Better than the bassinet.

Spencer is showing Sully who the boss is. We were clueless.

My little family.

Caught Sully mid-yawn. Hilarious!

Snuggling my BFF who was still confused about what was happening.

Early (and I mean early) bonding time.

I missed him so much when he wasn't around.

He always turns up the "cute" for Aunt Phoebe.


Meeting Aunt Potsie before bedtime.

Last morning in the hospital.

Going home (doesn't even look like him).

First Week Home
Aunt Sherry helped Spencer get used to his baby brother.

Thugging out.

Daddy's view as Sully crashed in his arms.

Wearing our favorite pair of Spencer's pajamas.

A new baby is exhausting for everyone.

This picture is already framed next to our bed.

It's hard to be a baby.

My awesome dudes, getting along.

I busted Spencer holding Sully's hand. SWOON!

He is so sweet but has such MEAN faces!

1st bath at home!

He hated it but finally just gave in.

Ninja Turtle!

Mama's beach bum.

I think he's going to stay!

Life With Sully
Cutest little brother ever. And I'm not just being biased.

My little bear (and big nephew) at a family campout.

My family. Love them.

Brothers being awesome!

So many goofball faces.

So much like his brother. Just a little...thicker!


He is a championship yawner.

Holding hands with his mommy. Good grip!

Dudes and their kids.

Meeting cousin Evan...who lost interest in holding him quickly.

I called this "Prison Shanking". Hilarious.

Muscle man!

Bros, kickin' it in the big bed!

Mommy and Sully. 

Telling mommy what's WHAT!

Stop blogging and let's get out into the world!!!

So there you have it. The story of the newest addition to my family in three parts. It was a very difficult pregnancy, as I'm sure you were sick of hearing about. But it was very, very worth it. I have no doubt that Sullivan was meant to be ours. He just fits perfectly. As I've said, he's been a complete joy, just like his brother. And now that he's been kicking it here at home for awhile, Spencer is really enjoying him. Yes, if Sully is very upset, Spencer still cries. That gets very interesting, and loud. But overall, he lights up when he sees him. 

I think Todd and I have been a good team, making sure both boys are taken care of and get the attention they deserve. I know Spencer is only 14 months old and really won't remember a time without Sully, but it makes me feel better to know that I showed him plenty of love and attention and that he was never second fiddle to our new addition. He's still my best pal and I love seeing him with his brother. I look forward to every day with them, watching them grow up and grow closer as brother. I just don't want it all to happen too fast!!!

For a quick second, I thought I was having regrets about the tubal but they're gone now. I really think that my little family is now perfect. We are what we're meant to be and I couldn't be happier...even if sleep is limited, I sometimes forget to eat, and showering is a total luxury. I'd rather smell like boiling hot spoiled milk than trade anything about this family. Life. Is. Good.

Blogging will continue per usual because there is nothing but adventure ahead! 

Stay tuned!