Monday, January 21, 2013

We'll Call This Round 2: The Second Bone Marrow Biopsy

Spencer will have his second bone marrow biopsy next Monday, the 28th, and Todd and I will both be with him like we were last time. I'm sure it wouldn't have been hard to rustle up someone to go with me since Team Spencer is plenty large, but it's important for both of his parents to be there. While it may be a basic procedure, he'll be under anesthesia and that's a big deal. Both of us should be there with smiles when he wakes up.

And believe me, I'll be smiling when this is all over. It hurts my head a little to think that I still have to wait another week. And biopsy day was a LONG day last time. Exhausting. And even WORSE was waiting allllll day the next day for results. My phone was practically embedded in my hand. I was certain they were going to find Leukemia. I feel the same way now so maybe I'll get my pants shocked off again. I hope. All I can do it hope. But really, things aren't really looking in our favor.

Every week in my A&P class, we have to write about a certain topic that pertains to what we're studying. This week, we have to select a type of cancer and write about it on a cellular level. What it is, what tissues/organs it effects, treatments, etc. I chose Leukemia since it seemed like the obvious choice. It would've been cowardly not to. And I figured I have heard so much from all our clinic visits anyway. An old pro.

But in all actuality, I haven't really heard much about the treatment. It's not something they wanted to discuss unless he had it for sure. No reason to play "what if". I know the intial treatment would be inpatient chemo but that's where the line was drawn. Now I've done a lot of reading and my head and heart hurt a bit. It kind of sucks to know as much as I do about Leukemia now.  And it will REALLY suck if he gets admitted next week. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it (and I will try not to jump right off that stupid bridge).

So that's where we're at. Wanted to keep everyone updated.


  1. So you haven't heard back on if those numbers from last week were computer errors or not? it says anonymous. but it's me, your old pal potsie

    1. Ah, my old friend Potsie. I've been thinking about you as I started HIMYM from the beginning. So many gems. I need a "Get Psyched" mix.

      Anyway, I talked to Spencer's doc on Thursday when the biopsy was scheduled. She said the results (as read by a tech) weren't in yet and she would only call me if there was a drastic change. No phone call. So the blasts probably were at 14% or somewhere close to it.