Monday, October 14, 2013

Don't Call It a Comeback: My Blog Break Is Over.

I'm a little confused that I chose to take a month long blog break when I did considering that a lot of fun/interesting/what-have-you stuff has gone on lately. I started a post but clearly found something more exciting to do. But it's Rocktober, I'm back, and I'm ready to blather. So let's play a little catch-up, shall we? Ready, set, BLOG!

9/19: Our 4 year wedding anniversary! Todd surprised me with flowers and a delicious Pumking. I wrangled a sitter for a few hours so we went out for a nice dinner (steaks and a Caramel Apple Cider martini) and then to a patio for some drinks. It was a good few hours to celebrate a good few years.

9/20: I went to the doc and had a physical because I hadn't slept since Spencer left the hospital. It took forever to zonk out and then I would wake up with HORRIBLE anxiety and that would be that. The whole chemo experience crushed me a little. My physical was fine. Some back issues from previous injuries, low on vitamin D (but who isn't in Cleveland?). I got some at-home physical therapy and a prescription for a kind of "old school" med to help with the insomnia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and anxiety. I need to take it for 6-12 months to help "calm my brain". 9 months of stress with Spence was too much for as-needed meds like Xanax. After the first dose, I slept well through the night. So far, the med is really working but it makes me never feel full...and I'm trying to lose weight, not gain. Follow-up next week.

9/24: My baby fox turned 1!!! I can't even believe it. He's the happiest, most adventurous baby I've ever met and I'm so glad he's mine. We went to breakfast then the zoo to celebrate and had the whole place to ourselves!! The little dudes had a blast. At home, we opened presents and had cupcakes. I love him so much that I can't really put it into words. His smile lights me up from the inside out. My fire-haired, gap-toothed baby boy!

9/25: At Spencer's clinic appt, I got his pictures from Flashes Of Hope, who take pictures of kids with cancer and their families. Perfection. Such a ham.

9/27: Lisa and Jamie came to visit and we went, along with the boys and a lot of family members, to the K&P art show, which is one of my favorite events. Todd and I scored some awesome pieces and there was food, drinks, and a lot of awesomeness. I was glad to get out and about with Todd. Hospital life was hard on us. Bouncing back takes time.

9/28: Our annual Spec (bacon fry). We merged this with Sully's 1st birthday party and I couldn't have asked for a better day. The weather was 72 and sunny and my sister did an amazing job making things look awesome for the event. We introduced some of our pals to  Spec as well as Boilo, a Lithuanian liquor they referred to as "Noonshine" since it was early for shots...yet no one declined! And I do have to say that on this day, I took the best picture I've ever taken. I'll cherish it as my little Porkchop grows. The first year went too fast.

9/30: Speaking of time going too fast, Spencer started his Early Intervention pre-school. You could tell he had so much fun. The second we walked in the classroom, he was done with us. He had more important things to do and people to meet. It was sad and awesome all at once. This will really be awesome for him. My little boy...not so little anymore.

10/2: Everyone in the household was down with some sort of nasty bug. Sully, Todd, Spencer, then me. Boom! The house was perpetually covered in snot and ick. Every time we thought we were getting better, we relapsed. Been awful, especially for the little dudes. Spencer even missed his second day of school! But we're mending, slowly but surely. At Spencer's clinic visit, his numbers were great despite this cold so they scheduled his biopsy/spinal tap/Echo for the following Thursday. EEK!!

10/5: My niece ended up not going to homecoming so I took her and my nephew's girlfriend to Dave & Buster's. Love it there. Unfortunately, bad as I was, I am now addicted to Guitar Hero and need to get it, STAT. I guess this part of my update wasn't that important but I left the house without kids so it always feels like a mini-vacation.

10/7: Spencer went back to school even though he was still stuffy. He had a great day and looked like such a big boy sitting in his seat, having a snack. But in the middle of the night, he was making these horrible noises and gasping for air. His lips were blue and I thought he was choking. He looked so scared and I felt terrified. In seconds, Todd was out the door to the ER. Turns out Spencer has Croup. Better than choking but still awful. They gave him a breathing treatment and an injection of steroids and they had to wait 2 hours but around 4:00am, they were home...and he slept in our bed. Too scary! Horrible night. And to add insult to injury, his biopsy was cancelled due to his illness. 

10/8: Took my little fox for his 2 year pediatrician appointment. He was 23 pounds (10th percentile) and 31.5" (95th percentile). Long and lean. She isn't worried about his crazy bow legs and his iron is perfect. He's right on track and awesome, but I've always known that. We're weaning him off his bottles and enjoying watching our Adventure Baby grow. We celebrated his awesomeness at The Boneyard.

10/10: I've been feeling a little down about not having a job and not being in school this semester, like I'm not contributing. So I've been trying to make the best of my time. Keeping the house in check, lots of organizing, weeding out, and cooking. Streamlining our lives. And spending a lot of time with my boys because I may not have time with them like this again. Today we listened to a lot of music and made Apple and peach crisps from scratch, roasted and smashed apples and various squash, and made pot roast with garden vegetables. It was a great day...and hilarious since Sully is in a stage where he constantly ditches his diaper. I'm a lucky mom.

10/12: Kid-free date night! Mike and Lori got married and we had a night out on the town for wedding 3 of 5. We got dressed up, ate good food, drank some drinks, took advantage of the photobooth, had a dance, and caught up with pals. It was a blast and I wish the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness. Footnote: the bride's dress caught on fire so they'll always have that story.

10/13: The Light The Night Walk to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Team Spencer raised almost $4,000 and 30 of my family members and friends (but let's be honest, my friends are family, too) walked. We were team #11 out of 92 Friends & Family teams as far as fundraising goes. So rad! At one point, there was a Survivors Parade (survivors had white balloons) and we carried Spencer down the row. I held the tears in but they were there. He's a survivor. And we'll know that for certain after his biopsy this Wednesday. It was really a great time and seeing all the red balloons (which symbolized walking in support of someone else) was so cool. 4,500 people were there and I heard we were on the news!

And that brings us to today. You're all caught up. I'm exhausted. So I'll leave you with Spencer's 1st school art project! Happy Rocktober. Now be sure to study all of this in case there's a pop quiz.

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