Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: New Year, New Blog.

After I got hitched, my mom said I had gone "from Bettie Page to Betty Crocker". I like to think I'm a little bit of both. And that mash up has lead us here. I'm kicking 2012 off with a brand new blog.


I've been blogging for the past 12 years about anything I felt like and was never really concerned if anyone read it or not, but they did. I had been blathering at my last blog since 2005 and spewing about everything and nothing with great enthusiasm. Great adventures, shenanigans, foolish behavior, and pure awesomeness glossed the pages. But when a bun made it's way into my oven, I decided to keep my preggo life and my rock-n-roll lifestyle, blog speaking, separate. Some people don't want to hear me puke "mommy" all over the place. I get that.

But here's what I realized after a year of duel blogging: I'm still me AND I'm a mom. Why am I trying to break my life into certain pieces just to appease people who may not be into domestic babbling? I'm a mom, to a totally awesome little dude I must say, but I'm still into all the things I was into before, I'm still me. I just cry at sappy commercials more often and I'm a little more on the defensive. I don't separate my day-to-day life into pieces/parts. I'm not going to do it in the Blogospehere.

So here we are. FROM BETTIE TO BETTY.

It feels good to get a fresh start. Don't get me wrong. 2011 was a decent year. It gave me a wonderful son, the love of my crazy life, Spencer Lee Fonzarelli. But it also gave me a lot of indescribable pain and heartache that I don't want to keep reliving. After Spencer was born, we learned that he's not your average bear (in my opinion, he's BETTER than your average bear, and we're not exactly your average parents) and had some medical struggles that took a toll. On us. Not him. He's T-U-F-F.

Bottom line, things weren't exactly what I expected when I became a 1st time parent. But we've shed our tears, picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off, and are ready to make 2012 OUR YEAR. This is a part of the reason I'm glad to close the book on my pregnancy blog. My heart took a beating and it's time for me to be a strong person and a strong mom, for Spencer, for my husband, and for myself. Despite the bumps and bruises, life IS good. It's time to move forward. I'm ready for this.

I'm ready for a lot of things. I've made some plans for this year:

1. I will kick ass left-n-right wherever Spencer is concerned. Top priority.
2. I will care less about what other people think. They won't upset me anymore.
3. I will enjoy every minute possible. The good WILL outweigh the bad.
4. I will start every day off on a good foot, with my head screwed on.
5. I will live like a frog. They can only move forward.

So here we are. Yeah, I'm a mom and a wife and a domestic goddess, so to speak. I'm a little Betty Crocker. But I'm still painting, reading, blogging, rocking out, screwing up, goofing off, making noise, making a mess. I'm a little Bettie Page. I'm exactly who I want to be and pardon my French, but I'm taking 2012 by the balls. Tony Danza was wrong. I'M the boss. And I can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for me.

"I was never the girl next door" - Bettie Page


  1. i have similar goals this year. we both had our rough patches in 2011, but this IS our year. spencer's. yours. todd's. and mine.
    i love you guys more than you will ever know and wish nothing but the best from here forward.