Monday, February 20, 2012

8 Weeks: IVs, Vaccines, and FUN

I'm 8 weeks along today. I've been told that I look a little big for 8 weeks (which spooks me more and more about the potential of twins growing in there). But there could be two reasons for this extra puffy gut: I've heard that women show earlier the second time around because your body knows what to do AND I'm severely dehydrated and malnourished from the Hyperemesis at the moment so I'm ALL belly. Either way, there I am. 8 weeks preggo.

Speaking of the Hyperemesis... sucks. I've had my IV and Zofran pump for 3 days and while my nausea is definitely less intense, I've got some issues. The IV has decided to quit working. All the little tricks I know aren't jump starting the sucker and one of them REALLY hurt the vein the IV is in. I mucked something up big time in my paw. So I'm not getting any fluids at the moment which scares me. I don't want any set backs. A nurse is coming out tonight to restart the IV in a new site. Awesome.

On top of that whole debacle, I'm super weak. I'm supposed to rotate eating and drinking every hour but liquids and I do NOT mix right now. It's been rough. My mom even had to come and babysit me and Spencer on Saturday. I really appreciate the help but I felt lousy. We decided to have a baby and everyone else seems to be paying for it. I haven't been to work since last Tuesday. I may have the tiniest bit of the blues.

Speaking of my best pal, Spencer, he had his 6 month vaccines today. Poor dude. And I couldn't even be there to hold his paw or rub head. His pediatrician said he's doing great and is very strong. Soon we can start giving him thicker fruits and veggies and let him try the big hand held cookies. That'll be fun for him. More fun than the vaccines, for sure.

I hope this IV disaster can be remedied by the Home Health Care nurse and I can get back on track. I need to get back to work and back to life. Spencer needs me to do more with him than nap. I for sure feel like crummy mom these days. I prefer feeling like Super Mom. And I REALLY prefer not feeling like a lifeless zombie. Though those are pretty much the only kinds of zombies, right?

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