Friday, February 17, 2012

Emergency Room 2: Hyperemesis Gravidum and Me

Yesterday it was back to the Emergency Room.

My sister came over to watch Spencer yesterday so I could try and take a shower. She suggested I call my OB and tell her that I was still throwing up (and maybe I need to note how epic this food, liquid, pills, or vitamins have been staying put...and the Reglan that DID stay down made me a ZOMBIE). My OB was concerned and sent me back to the ER to at least get hydrated.

This turned out to be the pure definition of disaster.

Super long story short, I went for IV fluids, some doofus with a goatee took it out after about a quarter of a liter, and we sat around for hours while nurse after nurse said, "I'm here with your second liter. What do you mean they took your needle out? You didn't even get ONE liter??". Eventually I opted to just go home. I was in no mood to be poked again and I was told home health care was set up to come to my house the next day (today).

The verdict is that I have HYPEREMESIS GRAVIDUM: unrelenting, excessive pregnancy-related nausea and/or vomiting that prevents adequate intake of food and liquids. As compared to morning sickness, HG begins earlier in pregnancy and can last longer. Women with HG can lose up to 30% of their body weight. Untreated, HG can lead to renal failure.

No one seems to be too concerned about the Baby Bunny despite my inability to get nutrients. From what I read (I HAVE to stay off the internet), my body will protect the Bun first. And it seems like the worst thing to happen to HG babies is early delivery and low birth weight. I guess if that's the WORST that happens...

A Home Health Care Nurse came to Castle Grayskull to set me up with a Zofran pump. A little needle is in my stomach constantly feeding me anti-nausea meds. I get them more quickly and they never have a chance to wear off. I change the needle every 3 days and the syringe of medication about every 20 hours. I also have to carry the pump itself over my shoulder. It's very nerdy but it's GOT to work. The nurse started the whole shebang off with a jump start shot into my ass. YOWZA!

In addition to the Zofran, I'm receiving constant IV fluids. I'm trying to get through about 9 liters to repair the damage that's been done. A base needs to be created somehow so I can start to try to eat and drink. The first attempt to get the IV in lead to a blown-out vein. Made me even more sympathetic to what Spencer goes through every month. I may have tattoos but I am not a needle fan. Second time was a charm but it's in my dominant hand. Not awesome.

My supplies get delivered to the house. I got about a 2 hour crash course on how to take care of everything and troubleshoot. A nurse will call every morning and ask me my weight, my ketone level (I have some nifty tabs to pee on every morning), and how I'm feeling. Over the phone they can adjust the dose of my medication or give me an immediate bolus ( a word I just learned meaning "administration"). It's all fascinating and a little bit crazy. Todd says all I'm missing is a gown where my cheeks hang out.

If this doesn't work, I don't think we have any other options short of being hospitalized. Of course, I'll do whatever my Bunny needs. But I hate missing work, I hate being a burden on my family and friends, I hate thinking Bunny is in danger, and I hate, hate, hate throwing up. This sea-sick business is for the birds!

Then again, I had the perfect pregnancy with Spencer. Not a care in the world! And we got bad news after he was born. Maybe I'm getting all the insanity out of the way now. They say morning sickness is a sign that everything is going the way it should. But they also say intense morning sickness like this could mean twins.

A 13.5 month old AND twins???? Holy cow.

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