Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Emergency Room: 12 Days of Puking and 2 Useless Meds

Let's not beat around the bush. I've been tossing my cookies for 12 days and I'm over it.

I know women get morning sickness. I'm not being a wuss. It's hard to function.

I tried 2 anti-nausea medications prescribed by my OB (and promised to be safe for my Bun) and they were both a bust. I had high hopes for Zofran (the Phenergan was an utter bust) as Phoebe told me it's what she took during her Chemo and Radiation. What I've been going through is NOTHING compared to what she battled so I had the highest of hopes. Well, those hopes were puked on.

I only had morning sickness with Spencer for about a week and it was nothing compared to this disaster. I was spending more time tossing my cookies at work than actually working. I just had a feeling that something more was going on, especially since it was becoming increasingly difficult to take care of Spencer by myself, a fact I feel sickeningly guilty about. My head was always in the clouds.

I decided at 4:15am to take myself the Emergency Room.

Along with my OB, they decided to give me some IV fluids and a third drug (Reglan). My bloodwork and urine showed some questionable things. First, there was protein in my urine. This might not mean much now but coupled with high blood pressure (which I don't have) could cause pre-eclampsia later. Second, my blood had ketones in it. Basically that means my body is eating stored fats to get nutrients and these waste products are hanging out in my blood making me feel sicker. Swell.

So, Reglan. This is the last drug that I can safely take without harming the Bun so it's kind of my last hope.

Finger crossed...

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