Monday, February 6, 2012

Moving On Up: Hard Work Paying Off

I deleted the post I had written about turning 33 (tomorrow, holy cow) and my birthdays past because it just didn't say what I really wanted it to. I'm not sure why but I couldn't properly put into words how I feel about being in my 30s vs. the shenanigans of my 20s. In the end, none of it really seemed important. I guess the bottom line was that I'm turning 33 (tomorrow, as I've said, and holy cow, again) and I feel pretty good about it.

I also feel pretty good about an evaluation Spencer had on Friday.

As you know, Spencer goes to Physical Therapy once a month. In order to receive therapies from the county, he had to be 25% deficient in any area. He was 25% deficient where Physical Therapy was concerned back at his initial evaluation in November because he was born with low muscle tone. However, he got super strong super fast so we only go once a month to learn some helpful exercises to keep him on track with meeting his milestones.

Friday he had a revaluation to see if he would benefit from any other therapy programs and the answer was: HELL NO. He's doing awesome! Everything they want to see out of a 5/6 month old, he was acing and then some. It was almost like he knew it was time to show off and strut his stuff. He even scooting forward a few inches, something I had only seem him do the day before after a lot of trying. I think crawling (even if it's the army version) will be right around the corner.

You know, when we first found out about Spencer's POSSIBLE developmental delays, I really felt like the world was over. Like my heart stopped beating and I would never be the same person. But when I watch him do all these awesome things...things other tots his age are doing or are SUPPOSED to be makes me think. If he was just your average bear, would I care as much that he rolls over, grabs his spoon, scoots, babbles, etc? Maybe our whole situation opened my eyes...made me appreciate every moment more.

So we'll continue on with our monthly Physical Therapy (let me stress again that that is NOTHING as plenty of kids go several times a week to keep on track or catch up) and reevaluate again around the 9 month mark (UGH, I still can't grasp that he'll be 6 MONTHS this week!!!) to make sure he's still kicking ass and taking names. It's good to have some many people on Team Spencer!

And speaking of teams, Spencer's team won the Super Bowl. GO ELI!!

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  1. GO SPENCER! I am so happy to hear my little buddy is kicking so much ass! That kid is gonna rule the world some day. <3