Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweet Dreams: An Early Dose of Symptoms

I've heard that a lot of women feels symptoms much earlier during their second pregnancy because they've experienced them. They know how they felt and what to look for. Well, I was feeling symptoms in Pregnancy 2.0 before I was even certain we created a new monster. Here is what I'm currently enjoying:

-Early afternoon rolls around and it's all I can do to keep my eyes open (this repeats itself around 7:00 in the evening so I have a self-imposed old lady bedtime). I'm already a sleepy person so it's mind-numbing.

-Any time I go to get out of my work chair, my tailbone is screaming. I've been told this is because my uterus has already doubled in size. Horrific.

-Very early in the morning, my stomach feels a little swimmy. I never toss my cookies (I missed Morning Sickness the first time around so I'm hoping for a repeat), but I feel a little fishy until I get out the door.

-The nose knows! I'm smelling all kinds of things I don't like. Todd made some pork yesterday and the house smelled like dead bodies to me. Horrific. Again.

NEW (but also OLD) fun symptoms as of last night/today:

-My gums are bleeding. This didn't happen until much later in my preggoness with Spencer but they were a-gushing today. I learned that THIS happens because of the increase in blood volume during pregnancy (I think you gain 8 pounds of extra blood...blech). Bloody noses can't be far behind. Delicious

-I'm having craaaaaazy, way-too-realistic dreams...so my sleep is on its way to being super shabby and broken during the night.

Last night's pregnancy dream was interesting though. I don't remember a lot of the details but I DO remember that I was having an ultrasound and that we found out we were having twin boys. With Spencer, I may have been hoping "girl" and trying to convince myself that's what I thought...but I always talked to him like he was a boy. From square one, I pretty much knew he was a little dude. And while I THOUGHT I wanted a girl, I was PUMPED to find out it was a boy.

This time around, I don't feel either way. Maybe this dream was a sign that I'm destined to be surrounded by boys for the rest of my life! The Queen of the Castle! Anyway...

The twin thing was interesting but I'm not holding to much stock in it. Though twins do run in my family. And I mean REALLY run. My dad has a twin brother, and they have twin sisters (yep, my paternal grandmother had 2 sets of twins back-to-back, not to mention 3 other kids). My mom had a brother and sister that were twins but unfortunately they passed away after a few days, I believe. So it's not IMPOSSIBLE. I just don't think it will happen.

This pregnancy is very similar to the first, with the symptoms and when we found out and all, but something is just a litttttle off. Like I don't FEEL pregnant yet. I feel the symptoms but I don't...feel it. I don't know how to explain. When I found out I was pregnant with Spencer, I felt pregnant immediately but it just hasn't kicked in yet.

I'm PSYCHED about this baby, don't get me wrong. I LOVE being a mom. Maybe it's just too early. Maybe I don't feel pregnant yet because I'm still thinking of "big bump, lots of kicking" as feeling pregnant. Because it was only 5.5 months ago that things were like that. That's what I really remember about pregnancy. Or maybe it's because I'm so nervous about getting bad news. Maybe I won't let myself feel pregnant yet. I'm sure it'll all kick in that I've got a little monster bunking in my guts soon enough. I have been talking to him(let's just go with "him" since boys are what I know) so that's something. I just want that same OOMPH to kick in that did with Spence.

And I want to stay Morning Sickness FREE!

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