Thursday, March 15, 2012

Appointment #2: Short and Sweet

I am sick as a dog (I don't really get that it stating that all dogs are sick or that their behavior, like eating poo, is sick?) so I'm going to make this quick...and then probably go throw up again.

Yesterday was my 2nd OB/GYN appointment and if you know anything about them, they're pretty basic and boring in the beginning. This appointment was especially rough because I left work after 2 hours due to non-stop cookie-tossing, which has continued today. Hence the desire to type like a machine gun and get my head back by the garbage can.

It was difficult to get Spencer all packed up and to drive from Brunswick to Crocker Park feeling as crummy and drained as I was. But the weather was fantastic so we rolled down the window and cruised. It helped ease the yucko feeling knowing that I was going to get to hear baby Sam-I-Am's heartbeat again. Nothing eases the brain quite like that "wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah".

I'm down 9 pounds from my last appointment, which isn't awesome but I'm doing what I can. I told my doc that the Zofran WAS working but has decided to quit on me. She told me to contact my HHC nurse and see what else they can do for me. Maybe up my dose, change my med, and there was some talk about a patch you can wear behind your ear. So I'll take care of that today because I can't keep existing like this. I want to enjoy my pregnancy since it's 95% likely that this will be the last one.

The doc asked me again if I had considered VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) but I told her I was set on the C-Section. I got a little sweaty and asked if that was a problem (I've read that a lot of doctors insist you try but then only 3% are successful) and she said absolutely not. She said "they" like to encourage the VBAC but she can understand why I wouldn't want that. Spencer's delivery was chaotic and then everything went downhill from there. I want to be prepared this time around. I want Sam-I-Am delivered on a scheduled date and to be thoroughly checked out immediately. Maybe I sound like Psycho Mom...but I deserve to be a little. So "DECLINED VBAC" is now big and bold in my file. 

The heartbeat was a nice, strong 167 beats. It was lovely. 

And Spencer was a doll, per usual. Just a perfect, little gentleman.

So back I'll go at the beginning of next month to pee in a cup and hear that sweet, little heartbeat. But between now and then, we've got the CVS which is happening a week from today. I haven't been able to get TOO nervous about that (don't let that make you think I'm not in a panic) because I've been so sick. I hope that the next week flies by. And more importantly, I hope the time period we have to wait to get the results flies by. I feel sick just thinking about that phone ringing.

But next week, on the spot, they can do a Nuchal Translucency screening, which basically means they'll measure the thickness of the neck. By doing that (which HAS to be done between 11 - 13.6 weeks) they can tell us if they're suspicious of certain things right off the bat. Hopefully, the neck will measure normally and I won't drop dead from being unable to breathe while we wait for the call.

OK, NOW I'm nervous. And I did it to myself! I need to follow Spencer's lead and nap.

Pray for us.