Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh Nuts: The Brief Intermission Is Over

So much for being on the mend. Sigh.

I went about 5 hours without Zofran yesterday before I started to feel a little off. I went about 6 hours before I started to feel down-right seasick. Todd hooked me back up when I got home and I gave myself a bolus (immediate dose) but I guess it was too late. I attempted to eat a piece of chicken for dinner (I had been warned that meat could be difficult to digest) and ended up tossing my cookies for most of the evening.

Today I feel like dirt despite the power or positive thinking.

Regardless of my personally junky day, it seems that things went pretty well with Mr. Spencer's adventures. The speech therapist said he's got great muscle tone in his face which is awesome, especially where speech is concerned. She played some little games with him and talked to Todd about sign language.

Babies that learn sign language...ALL babies, not just those with Spencer's issues...talk earlier. For whatever reason, when they can talk, they just drop the sign language. You would think it would delay them from speaking but it's the other way around. So we'll start using some day-to-day signs with Spencer (eat, all done, more, play, sleep, etc). We won't see any results right away but it will all come together.

The speech therapist said whenever Spencer is in for PT, he can pop in so she can make sure he's still on track. And the physical therapist said he's doing great. Looks like we're moving on from neck control to working on his core (and I'm sure all of our cores could use a little work) so he can sit up on his own. So we'll keep up the exercises and see what's what next month. I still count my lucky stars that he only has to go once a month. I hope it stays that way. He's doing great.

I don't think I mentioned this yesterday but on Sunday, I had just gotten out of the shower and Todd had scooped Spencer out of his crib and brought him to say good morning. When he got closer to me, Spencer leaned in my direction and reached for me. I had to verify with Todd that it really happened but it did. It was A-MAZ-ING. I hope feeling crummy right now is just a fluke because this week has a lot of awesome weather in store and I would love to do something other than nap with my dude.

Tomorrow is my OB/GYN appointment and I'm so excited to hear the heartbeat again. With feeling so crummy and being wrapped up in Spencer, I still don't FEEL like I'm pregnant, mentally. But I did last week for that quick second when we heard the heartbeat. I felt pregnant and relieved...so I'm excited. I'm also excited (and simultaneously terrified) about our genetic testing next week. Not just because I want it DONE, I want to know what's WHAT...but I just found out that it will also tell us the gender! That's MUCH earlier than with Spencer.

So...wish me some luck if you've got some!

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