Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Finally Over: Spending the Rest Of the Day Off My Feet

Today, Todd and I went to Fairview Hospital for the CVS exam. We made this appointment 6 weeks ago so needless to say, I've been counting down the days. And I managed to keep my nerves relatively under control. Hooray for me.

First, a tech performed an ultrasound to figure out where the placenta was (and I guess they were shocked that the placenta is where it is since I had a C-Section). It's amazing how much changed since our last ultrasound. Less Gummy Bear and more baby! The heartbeat was 163 and our little peanut was busy flip-flopping all over. We could clearly see the nose, the fingers, and both sides of the brain. Awesome. And he/she measured 2 days ahead in development!

The doctor came in and told us a little more about the procedure. He was fantastic. I am a huge fan of this guy! Most importantly, he answered two major questions for us:

1. The Nuchal Translucency (thickness of the clear space around the neck) measured NORMAL! That is an excellent sign and made us so happy to hear. If there was something to be suspicious of, the space would be thick...not even CLOSE!

2. The doctor told us that after delivering over 5,000 babies, he almost NEVER sees siblings with Spencer's syndrome. Yes, we have a 1% chance of repeat diagnosis, be he rarely sees it.

My legs went up in the stirrups and the dreaded speculum appeared. After that, the doctor used a catheter to remove villi from the placenta. The villi have the same genetic information as Sam I Am. I felt a little pressure and once, some surprising pain that left my vision blurry. But before I knew it, it was over and a good sample was taken. We also learned two more interesting things:

1. They will have preliminary results in 5 days!! The officially-official results take around 10 days. That's a LONG WAIT. On Monday, we should know if we're having a boy or girl, and if they're A-OK which I am starting to believe they are!

2. I have a small clot but they aren't concerned. I'll either bleed it out (he knew immediately that I'd have some post-procedure bleeding...but it's nothing horrific) or my body will absorb it. I trusted this doc so much that if he's not concerned, I'm not!

So I've been resting and off my feet which is where I'll stay until tomorrow morning. At that time, I can resume regular activities and I'll be one day closer to knowing the facts. Knowing what all of this was for. I feel a little off. My heart is pounding and I feel spaced. But maybe anxiety and adrenaline got the best of me!

Now I just need to talk Todd into the girl name I like!

Thanks to everyone for their support, especially those currently living it up like an adorable international jetsetter! If you can keep the good thoughts going until Monday, that would be awesome. But at this moment, I'm feeling pretty confident that everything will work out!

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  1. I have so many good thoughts coming your way, I can't even tell you!!!