Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Morning After: Finally Starting To Feel Preggo

I'm finally starting to feel pregnant now that I can say "he". Knowing that I'm cooking a little a boy has made me feel all warm-n-fuzzy. We have our name picked out (which makes it even more real) and we've told a few people, I just don't know if we're announcing it to the world just yet.

The problem is the middle name. I am OBSESSED with middle names and so far, we can't agree on one. And we need to meet a celebrity so we can get the 2nd middle name, like when we picked Fonzarelli after I met Henry Winkler. So keep your eyes and ears peeled and let me know of any celebrity sightings about town, will ya?

Another little boy. I love it.

And I love this, which I will title "A Conversation":

John Jackson: Just saw your post! Congrats, you have a house full of penis.
Me: For real!!!
JJ: Pssh your place is a sausage fest. It's gonna be porn, cheetos and beer ALL the time. I think you should start grooming them all to be singers like the Bee Gees.
Me: At least I'll be the prettiest girl!
JJ: True. You get to be all judgy of the girlfriends.
Me: I'm their only girlfriend. Ever.
JJ: Poor poor boys.
Me: I need to backtrack and tell you that I love the Bee Gees. Even the one that looks like Laverne DiFazio. And the one who wasn't actually a Bee Gee, just a Gibb.

After work, I bought the baby his (HIS!) first piggy bank. I am BIG on piggy banks. I try and get them for all of the babies. And I also bought 2 little newborn size outfits for the hospital since we'll be there a few days. I forgot how teeny tiny newborn clothes are. And they were too BIG for my 6 pounds 1 ounce Spence Baby!

And speaking of my pal, Spencer...he got a special outfit for baby's birthday, too!

Just need to find some "Big Brother" duds for Aiden, the biggest of the brothers. He asked Todd if the baby will look just like Spencer. I wonder that myself and wouldn't mind it a bit. I can't get over the cuteness quotient of Spencer sometimes. Give me a look-a-like. That's fine by me!

Aiden also exhibited some good big brother qualities by not minding some room changing at Castle Grayskull. In the summer, he'll be moving to the downstairs bedroom (currently the art room which is relocating the basement...I get one corner of the Man Cave) so the babies can be closer to mom and dad. New flooring, new bedding, new paint (he wants green...like BP gas station green). We'll make it fun for him. A fresh start before Middle School begins. But these will be big projects for everyone. I'm tired just thinking about them.

And I'm...I don't know what...looking at this:

Yep. That's my Zofran pump bill for 12 DAYS. It's before insurance but I really just wanted to note for posterity that this is what it costs (for only 12 DAYS) to not drop dead from malnutrition. And keep in mind, I'm still on the damn pump! I think the bill is going to sit in the pile for awhile!

Tomorrow is my mommy's birthday so tonight we're going out to celebrate. It's nice to finally be able to rejoin the living. I would make a terrible zombie. I'm going to stuff my face and have a private celebration of my own since my little peanut got a clean bill of health so far. Next OB/GYN appointment a week from today! A nice, drama-free appointment!

I'll take it!

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