Friday, March 30, 2012

Sending Love: Cancer Is The Dirtiest Word I Know

Friends of ours got bad news today and my heart is broken for them. But I, personally, will not give up hope that a miracle will happen. If anyone I know deserves something amazing to happen, it's them. I think about waiting for our own news this week (we received word today that the baby's official results were normal). I can't imagine if we had gotten bad news. I would've done ANYTHING to NOT get bad news. But now someone else, someone awesome, got bad news and would probably do anything to hear something different. If I could take their pain away, I would. I sent a message saying that the number of people who have rallied around them is a testament to the kind of people they are. Fantastic people who don't deserve this.

I guess no matter how fantastic you are, life just isn't fair.

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