Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Aunt Bizzle: A Visit From a Broad That's Been Abroad

Phoebe is back from her Italian adventure and while that is super awesome, her daily travel blog kept me entertained and a void has been left in my life since she has returned. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled to have her back where she belongs, but man...I would hit that refresh button over and over in the evening until her account of the day's activities appeared. Since she took almost 4,000 pictures, I suspect I have maaaaaaaanys days of entertainment ahead.

On Sunday, Phoebe came to visit Spencer (and me...bonus). I still find it amusing when Phoebe interacts with my child as she's never been what you'd call a child/baby person. You'd never know it the way she is with Spence. She's an old pro and he's a big fan (and not just cause she buys him stuff). He even tried to steal a kiss. It's something new and semi-gross he's been trying out.

We talked and talked about everything and nothing. Her upcoming MRI (it's today at 9:30 so say a little prayer or do whatever you do in situations where you hope someone cool doesn't have Cancer in their lady parts anymore), our recent genetic testings, and plenty of far less heavy shtuff. And Spencer scored some pretty nifty Italian swag, including a Rosary blessed by the Popa himself! We had to look up how to say the Rosary and it was more complicated than I remember from grade school.

On the day of our testing, Phoebe was in Florence (I think) and she and her mum lit some candles and whatnot for Baby Sam-I-Am. Since Italy is far closer to God than Cleveland (I mean, HELLO, Vatican City?), I'll credit them big time for helping us get good news! Yes, I know the outcome was decided at conception but I'm still going to go with the Italian church candle-lighting business. It's very movie-like.

It was good to be around her as it had been awhile. Our lives right now are quite different then when we lived/worked/played together.  2012 seems to be working out for us thus far. We went for burgers and shakes (FINALLY got my Chocolate Banana Marshmallow and it was everything my unborn child has been convincing me I needed) and it was just a good day all around. What I needed.

Yesterday Spencer got postcards from Rome, Vatican City, Florence, and Venice. Score!

Life right now is pretty good, for us personally. I'm starting to feel a tiny surge of the goodness the 2nd trimester brings. Besides feeling exhausted in the early evenings, I have my appetite back, I'm able to take in fluids better, I've been more productive at home, and I'm able to relax a little bit. I'm DEFINITELY starting to feel more preggo. I started to sleep with a pillow between my knees last night, as I did with Spencer, to stop myself from trying to sleep on my stomach. There is for SURE a bump now and I don't want to squash it.

The bump is collecting some swag of his own!

We're starting to get a plan in place for when I'm in the hospital, all the necessary home projects are in motion, and things are just...good (just need a middle name for this baby!!!). I'm not taking it for granted one bit. I know that recently, a lot of people I care about are taking hits. I need to appreciate the boring times, says my mom, because I could be the one with life drama, not that I'd wish it on anyone else just to avoid having it. I hope everyone, all these people having rough times, can find a miracle. If I ever figure out this Rosary business, I'll try and help out.

Hematology/Oncology clinic for us tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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  1. It was an excellent visit. No more month-plus intervals between these things from now on. Seems like my little buddy about doubled in size since my last trek south!
    It was awesome to see you all and lunch was dream-tastic! I will definitely be going back there again. Fo' Sho'.