Monday, April 30, 2012

Adventure Time: The Big Snip and The Big Plunge

18 weeks today. Woot!

I had every intention updating the entire world about Spencer's circumcision as soon as we got home Friday morning (and I'd just like to note that before most people had even gotten up, my sister and I had an entire DAY). But I wanted to focus all of my attention of the little patient. It was an intense day for both of us but he was far braver than I!

We got to Rainbow Babies hospital at 6:00am to check-in and then went up to Pediatric Surgery. The waiting room was already filled with little ones and their families but Spencer was the smallest of all. A lady couldn't believe how much hair he had and said he looked like a Gerber baby. Cute. It was good to have my sister for emotional back-up (I think if Todd REALLY knew how intense it was, he would've been there but they made it seem like a breeze) because it was a lot more involved than I thought.

Spencer was pretty much a sweetie pie until his name was called, even though he was getting fussy from fasting. When they called us back, I got him in his tiny hospital gown and the nurse, whom he flirted with, took his vitals. The Anesthesiologist explained that they would use gas first to make him fall asleep, and an IV would KEEP him asleep (they taped his eyes shut...frown), a tube would be placed down his throat to control breathing, and a caudal block would go in his back to help control his pain afterwards. This flooded me with guilt and anxiety. It's an elective procedure. He could've lived without it. This was my doing. I was to blame.

I met his surgeon who was friendly and really put me at ease. Then the next thing I knew, a resident was carrying Spencer and his robot pal off to surgery. I was given a pager in case there was an emergency and Sherry and I headed to the cafeteria for a snack and then back to the waiting room. Before I knew it, his doctor came out and announced to the entire waiting room, "The weiner is straight!". Imagine me blushing wildly here.

Here is a tidbit to maybe make you blush or squeal in your seat. Spencer's foreskin was so tight that it was impossible since birth to ever get a good look at what was going on under the hood. It could've been totally crooked or blue for all we knew. During the circumcision was the first time anyone had actually seen his business. And business was good! He does have a condition (the name escapes me) that basically means the hole of his penis the teeeeeniest bit low. He could've done surgery to correct it but it would've been a 3 hours procedure and a week in a catheter. He made the executive decision to veto that and I agree. He said no one would EVER notice and some doctors would argue that he doesn't even HAVE that condition. So who cares? Why am I even telling you?

We got to go back to recovery and there was my sobbing fella. He sounded different, probably from the tube they had pulled out, and was flushed. I held him and gave him his very 1st juice bottle. He eventually calmed down and chugged it...and then threw up all over my hands from a combination of anesthesia and drinking too fast. Poor guy! But it was OVER and I got to take my stoned little dude home.

He was awake and babbling slowly the entire ride home. I laid him on his floor blanket in order to change his diaper and he rolled right over and got down to playing! They aren't kidding about kids bouncing back quickly. I wouldn't have much get-up-and-go if I had stitches in my nether regions! So I changed the diaper and got the 1st look at the goods. No more "noodle penis" as Aunt Phoebe so affectionately called it. The stitches were scary but he was officially circumsized! After a few minutes, he let me know he needed some mommy time and we snuggle up in the bed for a good post-surgery nap!


He has plenty of visitors that night and was his old self the next day! CASE CLOSED!

Yesterday, he was my date to the wedding shower of my rad friend Erin and her hubby-to-be, Josh. I never realize how much I miss and adore my friends until I'm around them again. Being a pregnant mom to an infant makes it harder for me to get out and about as much as I'd like. But they're a good bunch for sure. I can't wait for this June wedding...and not just because they're having a taco bar! They're an awesome couple and she deserves all the happiness in the world. And they deserved a cotton candy machine, so that's what I got them (and a sno-cone maker and mini-donut press...I always try to go off registry).

Affectionately flirtin with Aunt Carol.

The lovely couple.

Putting the moves on Aunt Karen.

Trying to cop a feel off Aunt Erin.

So it was a busy weekend leading me into HELL WEEK (and Hell Week has begun with a pregnancy side affect I'm not even going to tell you about here)! More appointments than I can shake a stick at, whatever that means. I think once I get through Wednesday and know if he has to start Occupational Therapy (I hope not, I hope not, I hope not) and if the specialist is going to be a biiiiitch and make me sob uncontrollably in the parking garage again...I think I'll be OK. The rest of the week, while busy, is fun stuff. We get to see Baby Sullivan again and get some new snapshots! Always exciting.

So wish me luck and plan on seeing a lot of blathering this week!


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  1. Thank you again for everything, I loved having you an spencer there!!!!!!! <3