Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blather: A Little Whine To Go With My Cheese

Let me kick this off by saying that I am 100% thankful and thrilled not to feel as crummy as I had at the beginning of this pregnancy. Life is so much easier to manage without a Zofran pump, infected puncture sites, an IV stuck in my hand, no appetite, no energy, and no will to participate in life. I am so very grateful that disaster has passed and I'd take pretty much anything over that mess.

BUT...I am going to bitch-n-moan anyway!

I hurt. A lot. My back, from neck to tailbone, and my hips. Yesterday it was so bad that I was laying on the floor with my can in the air (like a cat when it stretches), and I had great difficulty getting up. Spencer was zero help. He just smiled at me in my agony. The pain and discomfort is currently radiating around to my ribs which makes breathing sort of lame. This whole cocktail of nastiness makes it a major pain to sit, stand, sleep, and hula hoop, I'm assuming. I know it'll pass as I went through the same this with Spencer, but I'm spending more hours of my day trying to NOT hurt that I am doing anything else.

Todd has tried to be comforting, asking what he can do, but there really isn't much. I could probably go get a pre-natal massage but I have always been anti-massage. The idea of some stranger tenderizing your meat is creepy. No thank you. I've been sleeping on my left size with a pillow between my knees but maybe it's time to bust out the body pillow. It didn't really work wonders last time...but I also don't think I needed it then like I do now.

Every time I rotate, it's like someone's popping bubble wrap. Gross.

And feeling physically lousy makes you feel mentally lousy. Spencer is eligible for secondary health insurance because he has a medical handicap (the Leukemia garbage). This would cover our co-pays and anything NOT covered by our primary health insurance. Getting all that stuff squared away is a nightmare full of paperwork, photocopies, phone calls, and stress. And dealing with the SSI nonsense? It's enough to bring me to tears. And I'm already crying about my rickety BONES! GRRRR!

Next week, from Wednesday to Monday, Spencer has 4 appointments, I have 2, and we have a family function and home projects. I've already dubbed it HELL WEEK because that's a LOT on a little boy and his pregnant mama. You will probably get to see my stress slathered all over this blog DAILY next week. So be prepared for...anything and everything, I guess.

But no matter how crummy I'm feeling, this face can cheer me up. Every. Time.

Time to for my hourly "walk it off" session.

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  1. FYI- massages are the best things EVER, for me anyways. At first I was weirded out, but now I get nude thai massages and they save my sanity.