Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Check-Up: Boring Appointments Are The Best Appointments

We've had over 5,000 views in 5 months! Must be saying something interesting...

Just a quick little update on Spencer's 9 month well check-up at the Pediatrician. No vaccines, which was a big relief to me. The kid gets jabbed enough. He was super active and sweet during the appointment. His heart sounded good (even though a heart defect was ruled out at birth, I still panic about it) and his ears looked good. He's still 15.5 pounds and 27.5 inches, which is a middle of the road weight but makes him TALL. And the fact that he's tall means he's getting plenty to eat, which I was concerned about.

And speaking of stuffing his face, he can now move on to thicker table foods. Cottage cheese, apple sauce, mashed potatoes, yogurt...and if that all goes well, we can try cheese and lunch meats. He can even chow on a grilled cheese sandwich if we feel adventurous! We can basically look at what's on our plates are see what he can have...but honey, peanuts/peanut butter, shellfish, and eggs whites are still off limits. Peanut Butter can go to Hell anyway.

I know feeding him yogurt might not seem thrilling to you, but I was pumped about it. He's growing. He's getting older. It's all happening right before my eyes and I love it. And he loved the yogurt!

He also had some success with picking up his puffs and holding on to his own cookie. Again, may not seem that exciting to you but it practically made me cry. Things like that are major fine motor skills that he needs so it's very exciting for mommy to see him progressing. Watch...one day he'll walk on his hands or something and I'll probably explode.

Next appointment at one year with a repeat thyroid test, hearing exam, and some blood work.

Aunt Sherry hooked him up with an awesome new swimsuit as summer is around the corner!

So that's pretty much it. Not the most exciting report but important nonetheless! He was examined and things went well. Boring appointments are our favorites. And he only has ONE appointment for the rest of May and they come to our house so it's a breeze! I'm so looking forward to spending the summer with my little man, I can't even tell you. I enjoy all my days with him, of course, even the ones where we're cooped up in the house playing with the same ol' toys.

But this guy is ready to get out and see what the world has to offer! Feel free to come along!


  1. IS it me, or is my buddy there looking a bit less pear-shaped in that first photo? He is getting too big! I need to come for a visit! SOON!

  2. The pear comes and goes. Come any time! The house is destroyed from all the projects going on, but Spencer is always ready to hang. Or we can come your way. We need some zoo time.