Friday, May 18, 2012

Stuck At Home: A Serious Case Of Cabin Fever

I've been sick, sick, sick the past few days which has been the pits. I don't think this is a pregnancy-related sickness but there's definitely been boat loads of cookie-tossing. I'm blaming it on Campbell's Vegetarian Vegetable ABC soup. I turned into a crimson volcano. But that's not the point.

I've been very zombie-esque since Tuesday night and I'm sick of being cooped up in this house...but I haven't been able to muster the ability to get out into the world.  I've already been in mondo sleep mode due to pregnancy but this has been more on the epic side. Lately I've been getting lots of projects done during weird spurts of energy but I'm spent right now. No showers, no make-up, no hair brushing. It's hard to be sick when it looks like paradise outside. Not that my view has been too bad. I guess my armpit is the place to be!

Luckily, I have had the opportunity for some extra Spencer Time and he's a great pal to have around. He's kept me smiling (when food hasn't been flying out of my craw). I just feel guilty not getting him out into the fresh air and sunshine. Hoping I can muster a little get-up-and-go when Todd gets home from work. Maybe we can go to the park or even just sit outside.

Need to have some outdoor fun with my Little Devil.

I am distracted as I type this because Spencer has discovered how to make fart sounds on his hand. Goof.

But being sick hasn't been the only thing going on in our lives. There's actually been some awesomeness and fun. We booked a cabin at Salt Fork State Park for a weekend in June and are super pumped about it! It'll be Spencer's 1st mini-road trip and 1st mini-vacation, and we'll be celebrating Aiden's 11th birthday there instead of having a party this year.

From Friday to Sunday, we'll be hiking, grilling, swimming (I love being pregnant in a bikini, is that creepy?), going to the beach, bonfires, BBQs, a luau, and doing whatever else we feel like as long as it can be considered "relaxing and lowkey". I'm really counting down the days. But I'm counting down the days to a lot of things. I may be addicted to countdowns.

And this morning, I saw my belly move for the 1st time (sooo cool) AND Sullivan had his 1st hiccups!! If he's anything like his brother, he'll have them for the next 18 weeks straight!! Love it.

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