Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spoiled Rotten & Not Complaining: A Perfect 1st Mother's Day

Before I start rambling about my Sunday adventure, let me say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms/mommys/mamas in my life, family and friends. I hope your day was as great as mine has been. Especially my mom who is in California on vacation and has been hiking on top of some mountain which is baffling. Happy Mother's Day, mom!

Today we celebrated my very 1st Mother's Day and I can honestly say I can't imagine it being any better.

This might be more pictures than you may enjoy it more!

I woke up early to an empty bed so I went to the Spencer Dome and scooped up my son, the dude who I couldn't be a mother without, and brought him into my bed for a little snuggle session. The next thing I know, Todd appears with blueberry crepes for breakfast in bed!! A gal could get used to that! Dr. Nightmare joined us and it was a nice moment having everyone piled together. I felt content. *Breakfast picture care of Chef Todd who got up at 5:30am to pick up my meal from Bob Evans, ha!

After I fueled up for the day, I fed my son and just relaxed. for awhile, enjoying having this sweet little dude in my arms. I sometimes still can't believe I'm someones mother, let alone the mother of such an unbelievably awesome little fella. I'm truly glad that things worked out in my life the way they did and I have had the opportunity to be a mom. It's been the coolest part of my life for sure.

The morning passed by with cartoons, a movie (Snatch, the perfect Mother's Day flick), and a quick pit stop at my sister's. Then we were off to lunch at The Melting Pot, one of my favorite restaurants for special occasions. It's the kind of place you go when you're Hell bent on stuffing your face to the max. I got a fancy non-alcoholic beverage (gotta keep Sully growing big and strong), we ordered our feast, and then I got to open my gift!! A gift I had been excited for ever since I discovered red paint in between 2 of Spencer's fingers last week...hmmmm.

The card read: Happy Mother's Day. Spencer is the luckiest boy to have an ace in his corner. We love you very much. Love, me, Spencer & Sully. That made me misty-eyed but the gift was the REAL kicker. A framed craft from Spencer that said I Heart U and the heart had been made by his BUTT CHEEKS (of which he has very little)! I still can't stop laughing about it. The "U" was also made by the side of his hand but  he kept wriggling. A butt cheek heart...only Todd would think of it, I swear!

Of course we stuffed ourselves silly and Spencer was the perfect gentleman the whole time.

My Mother's Day continued as I got to blow a little dough on Spencer and Sullivan, scoring them some new duds. Not that they need any more clothes, as I discovered yesterday! Spencer wore so many things once or not at all that Sully is pretty much set! But still...he needs to get some things that are just his. It makes me feel good to buy him little treats. And clearly Spencer needed new shark flip-flops, even if they don't fit just yet!

We headed to a Greenhouse for the next part of my gift, flowers for around the front door. Our yard is a lot of trees and greenery which is fine but I wanted some color in my life! So I picked out plants...a Todd plant, Spencer plant, and Sullivan plant...and as soon as we got home, Todd set to work squaring things away. I can't wait to pull in from work tomorrow and see them! But I hope we don't kill the poor suckers. I've never had much of a green thumb despite my desire for lots of plants and a garden. I'm a murderer that way. Mulch is up next...can you kill mulch?


While I played on the floor with Spencer, Todd said he had one more surprise to wrap up the day (he WAS going to watch Breaking Dawn with me but just couldn't bring himself to do it, DRAT). It was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting...I had jokingly requested that yesterday when he asked what I wanted for Mother's Day breakfast. I plan on bringing my evening to a close with cake and milk-on-ice in bed.

These two got a jump start on the snoozing! They worked hard to make it a great day and deserve naps!

For the sake of posterity, LAST Mother's Day, I looked like this:

And for added posterity, THIS Mother's Day, I look like THIS:

But NEXT Mother's Day, I plan to look like this...with 2 beautiful boys running amuck!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! If your day was a fraction as good as mine was, you're in good shape. A gigantic cyber THANK YOU to my husband. I would've been happy doing whatever, doing nothing, as long as I was with him and my son (and my little acrobat in utero, who made his presence know during the day), but he really made it a super great day that I will never forget. His effort did not go unnoticed. But I don't need to be celebrated for being a mom. I chose to be one and because of my choice, it's my JOB to take care of my kids and my family. But it's still nice to hear you're doing OK and that the people you care about most appreciate you.

Mother's Day may become my favorite day of the year. It reminded me how lucky I really am.

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