Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby: Today You Are 9 Months Old

Shock. And. Awe.

For are long as I carried him in my guts, that's how long Spencer's been here on this planet. I can still remember so vividly the day we found out there was a bun in the oven, and now that bun is 9 months old.

I was recently looking back at photos from right after we brought him home. It isn't until we look back that we realize how TINY he was, with these little noodle arms and legs, and this perfectly round melon head. Looking at those pictures makes Todd sad because Spencer looks so frail and helpless. I think he looks awesome. No matter what happened to him, he was unphased. He was just a sweet, loving, cuddly guy and 9 months later, he still is.

What do we know about 9 month old Spencer?

-He's motivated to mooooooooooove. He rolls this way, he rolls that way, he rolls multiple times in a row, he pivots, he arches, he turns, he's wiggles, he flops. He clearly has somewhere he wants to be and I have no doubt that he'll get there.

-He's also motivated to communicate. He babbles alllll day long. Most recently, he's added what sounds like "Bob" to his list of sounds. He's also very sing-songy and has a million different laughs and giggles. I wonder what he would say if he could put it all together.

-He is a FLIRT, especially with nurses.

-The kid loves PUFFS! Those little Gerber cereal puffs that dissolve quickly in the mouth. I started letting him try them on Friday so that he can learn to pick them up and put them in his mouth. It was over after that. He's a puff addict.

-No matter what he's doing, he will stop to listen to the theme music and monologue on Conan. *see video below and listen for his little giggle of excitement*

-He's becoming very independent, the stronger he physically gets. He will spend an hour on his floor blanket entertaining himself before he gets fussy, especially if there's music on. He especially likes to play with his robot, the turtle that plays classical jams, and recently, Mardi Gras beads.

-He does NOT like the pureed chicken we've been trying to feed him. It makes him sad.

-He loves to gently feel women's faces and men's hair (especially his daddy's hair and my nephew's beard). And as he works on his fine motor skills, he also likes to not-so-gently feel earrings and necklaces so look out if you're holding him!

-He's not so into being read to at the moment. We've tried to do the Lorax several times and just can't get it finished. He'd rather be playing on the floor or having you make funny faces and silly sounds with him.

-He owns me.

So Happy Birthday to my goofy little guy. You get better and better as the months go by and I can't wait to spend an awesome summer with you! But could you please stop getting older??? Before I know it, you'll be in High School!

*insert heartbreaking noise here*

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