Monday, June 11, 2012

24 Weeks: Hello 6th Month of Preggoness

Nice way to start the drive to work.

It's shocking that I'm already 6 months pregnant. I swear we just found out that there was another bun in my oven. But no, I'm 24 weeks along and in 15 weeks (have I mentioned that I LOVE shaving that last week off my countdown??), Sullivan Richard *insert 2nd coo-coo middle name here* Gansert will be in my lovin' arms. Solid.

Before blinding you with pictures of my ever-growing belly and details about what's brewing at 24 weeks...

Congratulations to the 1st of the 10 gazillion pregnant chickadees I know to give birth, Marie! Welcome to the world, Oscar Dragon! I can't wait to come meet you at the hospital and give your mama a major high five. Thinking your delivery is going to go one way and then ending up with a C-Section can be scary but you're here and you're adorable. CONGRATS MARIE AND RINGO!

So...24 weeks. On me, it looks like this:

I'm really starting to feel pregnant and 24 weeks is EXACTLY when I started to feel super pregnant LAST time around. We were in New York at Easter time. And I'm not just talking about symptoms. Yes, I get up twice during the night to empty the tank and yes, my ligaments are all kinds of loose and yes, my feet get swollen if it's too hot out and yes, I'm having a terrible time sleeping. I just mean that I'm really feeling it in general. He's moving ALL. THE. TIME. And my belly is ever-growing. I'm definitely pregnant. No denying it!

I had a wacky pregnancy dream last night that I was at work and we were meeting with our accountants to go over what our budget would be for cake over the next 3 months. Yep. Meeting to discuss the cake budget.

At 24 weeks, Sullivan is about the size of a half gallon of milk, or an ear of corn, and weighs about 1.5 pounds. His bones around getting stronger, the lungs are producing that gunk that'll keep them from collapsing (Spencer must not have had enough of that), he should have some hair on his melon, is pinking up, plumping up, and taking practice breaths. All good stuff cause he'll be here before we know it!

He had another cuddle session with his brother yesterday.

Outside of all the baby making, we've been getting ready for the city-wide garage sale that's going on this Friday and Saturday in Brunswick. We've been going room by room and getting rid of everything we REALLY don't need. It feels good to get organized but sometimes it's hard to part with things. You think, "Oh, so and so got me this 8 years ago"...but you haven't used it or worn it or you really don't have a place for it. It's time to let go of some things. And the money we make is going towards bedding for the nursery. Definitely a good cause, I say.

AND, after an embarrassing amount of months, I got my wig done!

And that's about it in my little world. Spencer is going to the eye doctor on Thursday (STILL don't know what's going on with his thyroid...can't get his Pediatrician on the phone), Aiden is turning 11 this weekend, and we've got a Father's Day/B-Day shindig to go to so it'll be nice to take a break from Castle Greyskull construction. Pics coming soon, I swear!

11 days until Fun In The Sun Tour 2012 in Salt Fork.
14 days until my Glucose test.
18 days until my next OB/GYN appointment.
55 days until Spencer's birthday party.
58 days until Spencer turns 1!!!
65 days until we go back to the Oncology clinic.
102 days until my last day at work.
105 days until the C-Section.

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