Monday, June 4, 2012

Jabberjaw: Waiting For Today's Adventure Report

Typically I don't talk about this kind of stuff but I want to say that my heart is just breaking over those 3 kids that were killed (and the 2 that are fighting to live) from Brunswick High School. I don't know them but my niece and a friend did and it's just so awful. Every article paints them as great kids, total role models. 1 who passed and 1 who is fighting were supposed to graduate yesterday. Their lives were just beginning.

I think my heart especially shattered when I heard that they still called their names during graduation. I just heard that they cancelled the rest of the school year. Finals are optional. Maybe I'm just taking it super personally because they're from my town or because I'm a parent, but 16, 17,'s just TOO YOUNG. I really hope the other 2 kids pull through.

Enough about that or I'll be crying on my paperwork.

Today, my unborn is the size of a mango or papaya, fruits that I have never had unless dehydrated. His taste buds are now fully formed and his organs should all be in place and functioning well (speaking of taste buds, Spencer tried cheese!). Big things are happening in the brain and lungs. And speaking of big things, my uterus is approximately the size of a soccer ball, yikes!

I'm so worried about my little guy, probably because of all the drama from last year. We thought things were fine and then BOOM! One issue after the next. I don't think I'll be able to fully relax until he's in my arms and his Pediatrician gives him the thumbs up...16 weeks from today. 3 months, 2 weeks, and 6 days. 112 days. However you want to slice it. Sullivan is coming.

And his crib is coming TODAY!

Spence Baby has Physical and Speech Therapy this morning (first time doing co-treatment which is both therapies at once) and I'm always incredibly tense until I hear how it went. I don't ever want to hear that we need to do we're not doing enough to help him. That would make me feel like pond scum, and I assume that would be very unpleasant.

He's going to be 10 months old on Friday (sigh...) and he can't quite sit up unassisted yet. I know all babies do things at their own pace. And I know Spencer's pace may not be like other babies. He's been kicking ass left and right so far where his milestones are concerned and I'm thrilled, and he is SO geared up to crawl! But he needs to sit up first. We need to get him there.

So while I impatiently wait for a report, here are the Top 10 pictures from the weekend:

Todd thinks this picture is creepy because it doesn't really look like him. I love it. I caught him at a joyful moment playing with his piano on the floor. Look at those baby blues...

...and those chipmunk CHEEKS!!!

Saturday morning, he geared up to go to his first softball game. He still has to grow into his Sharky's hat from cousin Nolan though.

Aunt Sherry held him for most of the game. Cousin Megan's team made a big play, everyone roared, and Spencer screeeeeeeamed. He recovered quickly with the help of snacks.

I like to think of this as Spencer giving Sullivan a kiss but really, he was trying to eat my belly. Crazy zombie.

Spencer had never really been exposed to "the bump". He has no idea what's going on in there but he lounged on it and that made me swoon.

My three boys...Todd, Spencer, and Sullivan (coming soon).

Typical Sunday morning.

Bringing some color into a predominantly green backyard. Also bringing in FROG BUDDHA!


I just got a text that said, "That was his best appointment!" 

According to Todd, PT was really happy with how he was sitting and said it was with minimal assistance. She noted that he's putting weight on his hands and arms, even when put into a crawling position (he's aces putting weight onto his knees). She said he's greatly improved since his last appointment and that if we want him to stop getting distracted by his feet, he needs a tray to put toys on which with help with the sitting.

ST said that he's made consistent improvement with every appointment. She'd put his speech and language skills at that of a 9 month old so he's right on track. She's confident that he says DADA and HI. So we're on the track in both areas! I am a very happy mom right now!

I'd be happier if he didn't have the Oncology Clinic on Wednesday but it's been 8 glorious weeks since we were there last. I really shouldn't complain about it. And he's 8 weeks older/bigger...hopefully they can get his blood quickly and get us on the road!!

And also on the happiness train, now that the school year is over for my niece (who just told me that 1 of the 2 remaining kids from the crash died last night...sniff), she's going to come over during the summer to help around the house, keep an eye on Spence so I can get thigns done, etc. That will help ease my stress SO MUCH! At least until his birthday party is over!

Life es bueno!


  1. This might come out sounding wrong, but I was thinking about trying to volunteer at an animal shelter or something this summer... to give me something happy to do. But if you need any extra help, I'd happily switch my "volunteering" time to coming down to help you out, too. (The aforementioned "wrong sounding" part was just that, you know, I am not comparing YOUR house to an animal shelter. Hehe.) I'd be happy to do it. We could pick certain days or whatever. Seriously.

  2. OK, that made me laugh. I may take you up on some "volunteer time" after we take part in this city-wide garage sale thing. After that, I have to really reassess how much needs to be done. I know there's lots of painting and such. Only 8 weeks until Spencer's birthday party so there's only 8 weeks to get the house in shape for visitors! UGH!

    My head just fell off.