Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rest In Peace, Brother Ed

There is a completely cold feeling around my heart right now. My pal, and a pal to so many, Brother Ed, passed away today from cancer. And I think the part that is shattering my heart to bits is that his wife, the beautiful Natalie, said that today, she lost her best friend.

I can't even imagine what she and their son are going through. As soon as I heard, I looked for pictures of him. Everyone seems to be sharing what they've got through social networking. I found one from the old house...we would measure the height of every person who came over to a party and there on the pole was "Brother Ed". It made me smile because it was such a goofy thing to do...you do it with little kids. But then I just felt a flood of emotions.

He had cancer. My son had transitional cancer. He's always at risk to have it. I still take him to the cancer center. More of my friends had it. Some still have it. They're too young. It's too soon. It's too damn much. He was a great person. Always talked to me about things I liked...sharks, hockey, Hall and Oates. The Pussyfoot Girls had so many good times and shows with Uncle Scratch. Friendly and funny and fun. He LOVED his wife and his son. They're a one-of-a-kind family. And everyone thought he was awesome. The outpouring of love and support and emotion surrounding this family at this time is truly a reflection of how many people think they're as awesome as I do.

After looking at the pictures and thinking about his wife and son, I cried. A lot. I held Spencer tight and just cried. He stared at me, quiet and inquisitive. I kept apologizing because I don't want to cry when I hold him. He is my joy.

He didn't know what he was doing but he put his hands on my cheeks and moved my tears around like he was trying to wipe them and put his mouth on my face like he was trying to smooch me. He really just ended up scratching and slobbering on my face but it was a sweet moment during a painful time.

All my love, everything I've got goes out to Natalie. She was as strong a fighter as Ed was during this whole fight. I remember back at the 1st benefit, Ed stood will his son and said that's what he was fighting for. His son should be proud. He fought like Hell and made the most of his time. I should strive to make an impact on people the way he did. I should also strive to let the people I care about know it while they're still around.

Rest In Peace, Brother.

"God took my hand and he took me to the water. God took my hand and he took me to the sea. God took my hand and he dipped it in the water. Now I am saved...now I am saved...now am I am saved...now I am free" - Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival


  1. When I saw this photo on facebook yesterday, I cried. I did it again this morning as I read this.
    I am so happy that we did the height pole when we lived together - and that you kept it going after I moved in with Ryan. Happy, but sad, too.
    I don't really know Natalie, but I cannot imagine... I just can't.
    I love you. And Spencer. And I'm letting you know it!!!

    1. We love you, too. I'm glad I took pictures of the measuring pole before we painted over it. That was a sad day. This day is far sadder.