Saturday, June 30, 2012

Appointment #6: All Our Ducks Are In a Row

This morning, I'm going to say goodbye to the truly awesome Brother Ed and to pay my respects to his beautiful wife and rad son. It's going to be heartbreaking. Slather pregnancy hormones on top of that and I better stuff my entire bra with extra tissues.

Brother Ed, safe travels. And please watch out for us all. While we hate to lose you, you're a good man to have on our side in the great beyond. I hope your pain is gone and you have found peace.

*insert teardroplets*

Tonight, I get to see a boatload of people I love and join with them in celebrating Erin "Hot Trash" and Josh "Heath Ledger" as they get hitched! It's going to be a great time full of great people...and TACOS! I know the bride is horribly nervous, but I hope she takes some deep breaths and enjoys her day. She's bananas in love with her soon-to-be hubby and they're a perfect fit. That's something worth celebrating.

Now some quick highlights about my 6th OB appointment before I get my busy day a'rollin!

-My blood pressure was perfect once again.

-I passed my glucose screening so no gestational diabetes and no 3 hour test for me.

-I gained 3 pounds so cutting out the juice (I do cheat sometimes) and eating a better breakfast helped get me back on track. At 27 weeks along, I've gained 10 pounds total.

-The baby's heart rate was a strong 156!

-My fundal height (size of the belly) was right on track! I should gain a centimeter a week now.

-Since he's moving like crazy all the time, there was no need to schedule Fetal Non-Stress Tests at this time. That would just mean wearing a belt that measured his movements. Again, after eating or drinking, he should move 10 times an hour. Measuring Spencer's kick counts is how we knew something wasn't right in there. His decreased fetal movement lead to the C-Section. But so far, no need to monitor Sully.

-All my appointments are made up to delivery!!! I go back in a month, then 2 weeks later, then EVERY week for the 6 weeks leading up to September 24th!!! Eek!

And speaking of September 24th, I just found out one of my super good pals is getting hitched the day AFTER I get out of the hospital! SO. BUMMED. I can't drive for 2 weeks post-surgery and I'll be all hopped up on goofballs. I bounced back quickly from Spencer because he needed me...pure adrenaline. This time, I'm not sure how I feel. But I am going to find a way to watch him get hitched! It's been a long time coming and he deserves all the happiness he can get.

So all was well in Sully Land. Spencer was a perfect peach at the visit. I held him while the doc listened to the heartbeat (and Sully Ninja kicked the doppler, ha). Afterwards, we went swimming at Aunt Sherry's and then kicked it at home. Besides a scary episode involving some soft apple pieces, it was a solid day.

Now to get TODAY started...

Expect some wedding pictures tomorrow!

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