Friday, June 15, 2012

Zzzzzzzzzzz: The Exhaustion Of Strangers Pawing Through My Things

Happy 11th to my step-son. One week until a fun celebration at the cabin!

 I can't believe it's only Friday. I'm beat up but not beat down.

 I'm exhausted right now but I'm also laying next to the most handsome little fella on the planet. He's lucky that no one has ever met their fate by being smooched to death because that would certainly be the means of his demise! He doesn't seem to mind. He's exhausted, too. Yesterday he had his first appointment at the Ophthalmologist. They had to dilate his pupils which I know can be very uncomfortable but he was aces about it.

The doc said he has astigmatism (like mommy) and is slightly far sighted (opposite of mommy). Sigh. They'll monitor him for awhile because they don't want drifting to a wondering eye type deal. We'll go back in 6 months but no glasses for now. He'd look adorable, no doubt, but it's one more doc and you know how I feel about that.

 I was more worried about cataracts because they can be common for him. No signs of fogginess so I'm not going to worry for now. We'll see what's what in December. Overall, he was a champ though. Doctors and nurses dig him. He's diggable. Just ask his Aunt Bizzle...he was really putting the moves on her last night! But she's a married lady...and he's an infant.

 Moving on.

He was a champ today, too. We were outside all day for our garage sale (part of a city-wide sale in Brunswick) and he was perfect. It was a long, warm day with a lot of lulls but he was stellar. Once his daddy got home, he relieved us of our duties and we went swimming. It's a rinse-n-repeat situation as the garage sale continues even longer, hotter day, I'm sure. But it feels good to get rid golf all this extra shtuff and get a little extra scratch. Hopefully it'll go towards the bedding for the nursery a.k.a. Sullivan Forest.

And Sunday is Father's Day. I'm a big fan of it because I have a cool dad and because Todd fathered 2 rad little pups for me. I wouldn't get to spend my days with the awesome little dude next to me without Todd. He deserves a great day...pool party and BBQ...with his 3 little (and not so little anymore) fellas. He actually deserves more than a day.

 If you're in our neighborhood from 9-4 tomorrow, stop by Castle Greyskull and see us. This guy makes for quite the persuasive salesman. But no, he's not for sale!

Happy Weekend.

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