Thursday, July 12, 2012

Human Volcano: And The Rain Falls Hard On Sick City Tonight

Spencer is napping and I'm about to join him. I've been tossing my cookies, along with other super awesome intestinal difficulties, since Tuesday afternoon. At first I blamed it on the fine people at the Campbell's soup company (you may be experiencing déjà vu) but now I'm really not sure who/what the culprit is. Whatever the cause, I'm starving and would love to destroy anything but toast at this point.

I do love the extra Spencer time. He doesn't mind when I have to excuse myself to explode from the inside out. He gives me all the smiles and laughs I need to feel at least a smidgen better. He's medicating me.

Another thing easing my discomfort is the arrival of the first piece of art for Sullivan Forest. "Little Red Fox" came yesterday and I'm expecting the screen print of a hare on a Dictionary page today (along with his bedding!!), and the wind-up skunk soon. I have about 10 or so woodland animal items on deck for Sully and am having a love affair with Etsy.

He's been going full-on Ninja in my guts for days. All day. All night. All across the belly and under my ribs. I can tell that he's a strong little dude. I've been so focused on Spencer 24/7 but I'm really starting to get to know Sullivan. And gathering up personal touches for his nest makes me feel close to him. I was worried that I wasn't bonding with him because Spencer is here and he's what I know. But I am bonding. I truly can't wait to meet you, Sullivan Richard, in 74 days...or less!

Yesterday, we got new carpet in what was formally the art room. I hope the guy didn't mind that I looked like death warmed over and DEFINITELY had a smell. This weekend we can move Aiden into his new pre-teen room. It's looking good and I have some cool stuff planned to make it even more special for him. He's making a sacrifice for his little brother-to-be. Very big of him.

I'm expecting a phone call from my hubby at work to tell me about his impromptu adventure taking Spencer to the park (while I was in an illness-induced coma) last night. So with that, my sick self is signing off.

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  1. That color is pretty great! I love it! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fox. I can't wait to start buying animal things for Sully!