Monday, July 23, 2012

Pat On The Back: Actually Accomplishing Things Without Going Bat-Crap Crazy

Before I get into the Monday morning Sullivan scoop, I thought I'd let you know that my chest pain seems to have subsided. I'm still pretty out of breath from time to time but my little buddy is squashing my lungs so I guess that's to be expected. And the back pain and abdominal pressure is probably to be expected also, seeing as we're starting to get towards the finish line. So I'm OK...tired, but OK...and want to thank everyone that was looking out for me. A little disappointed no one showed up in a saucy nurse costume but that may be asking too much.

So exactly how far away IS that damn finish line??

I'm 30 weeks along today so depending on how you personally like to look at things, I've got a) 9 weeks to go, b) 2 months to go, or c) 63 days to go. Hell, by next week (next Wednesday to be exact), I can officially say, "I'm having a baby next month". It's all coming together. It's all winding down...which is good, because I'm winding down.

Right about now, Sully is probably starting to dream and fetal REM has begun! I have serious doubts about this because this boy NEVER sleeps. No REM for him! He's blinking his peepers and is about the size of a 3 pound eggplant or squash. He's basically just kicking back and growing. I see the doc on Friday so we'll have a better idea of how things are cooking. Getting closer to those weekly appointments! And getting closer to Sully!

Luckily, the nursery was painted this weekend. Spencer helped.

Spencer also got his 1st haircut (just around the sides and back).

I think he looks very handsome, indeed!

As we're wrapping up Sullivan Forest, all the room swapping and house projects are coming to a close, thank sweet Buddha. Basement, Aiden's room, guest bathroom, front and back yard, nursery...everything is solid! And with a whole weekend to spare before Spencer's par-tay! I'm sure I'll find one million things to do before we celebrate my little boo turning 1, but the pressure and stress have been lifted. I feel more relaxed now. I think I'll actually be able to enjoy myself. Hot dog!

And just for fun, here are some pictures of MY hot dog.

And on the "one million broads in my life having babies" front, one of my best friends from childhood is having TWINS today! Of course, I am anxiously awaiting gender and names and am so very excited for her! Good luck and congratulations Becky! And a very belated congrats to Todd's cousin who had a baby boy a few weeks back but he neglected to tell me. Pfffffft. Dudes. And babies! EVERYWHERE!

I guess that's all I have to jabber about for the time being. I'm OK, Sully is OK, the house is OK, Spencer is MORE than OK, and I think his birthday is going to be better than OK. After the festivities, I'll have 6 wide open weekend to just turn my brain off.

Well, not COMPLETELY off. The word on the street is true. I'm headed for nursing school. I have 2 prerequisite classes that I need to square away and Tri-C offers them online so I'm all registered for one of them (a math class...uuuuuugh, I am right-brained all the way) and we'll see how I can manage being a student and mommy. If all goes swimmingly, since I already have a Bachelors, I'll transfer to either Kent, Akron, or CSU for their accelerated BSN program next fall. 12 straight months of insanity. Sounds so scary!

I'd already like to thank a bunch of pals, my parents, and my hubby for their support. I want to make everyone proud. This is far different than my first shot at college. I'm terrified of failure. But I'm different now than I was at 19. I'm surrounded by good people and good things. I have high hopes.

And when Todd was young, he always wanted to be a mechanic married to a nurse. HA!

4 days until my next OB/GYN appointment.
13 days until Spencer's birthday party.
16 days until Spencer turns 1...and goes back to the Oncology clinic.
35 days until school starts (just 1 class to start).
60 days until my last day at work.
63 days until the C-Section

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