Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Throwing Stuff At You: A Buffet Of Randomness

1. Today is July 24th which means Sullivan is scheduled to be here 2 months from today! Sometimes I think it sounds so far away (but when you're actually pregnant for 10 months, 2 is easy breezy) and sometimes I think I'm going to blink and September 24th will be here! EEK!

2. A big congratulations to my grade school pal, Becky, who had a pair of healthy twin girls yesterday morning! Already a mother of 2, she welcomed Macie and Madelyn into the world. They are teeny tiny and adorable. Congratulations mama! The streak of friends having boys is over with the addition of these little ladies.

3. Jen May sent me a sneak peak of the stuff I asked her to do (with those amazing design skills of hers...is there nothing this chick can't do??) for Spencer's birthday party and it's just amaaaaaazing! I didn't see the e-mail alert until 1:00am and it was all I could do not to go into the bathroom and check it all out. Now that I'm less nervous about the party in general, stuff like this is icing on the cake! Ooh, I have to remember to order the CAKE!

4. Regarding the party: we would have LOVED to invite all of our friends and everyone we know because Spencer got off to a rough start and celebrating a year of his wonderful life is important to us. However, we both come from REALLY large families and are having the event at our house in (no doubt) burning hot August. So please don't feel bad if we couldn't invite you. We wanted to, believe me, but we kept it at family and the friends who saw Spencer when he was bunking in the NICU. We'll have a pool party for all pals before the summer is over!

5. It looks like Todd might be off on Spencer's actual birthday! He can accompany us to the Oncology clinic...fun, I know...and then I'm thinking we might go to the frog exhibit at the Science Center and to lunch somewhere fun. I think the 1st birthday really has a lot to do with the parents. We made him together and got him safely through his first year of life together. We could use a day to celebrate.

6. This is what a year looks like:

7. My upcoming Hell Week seems to be getting a little less Hellish. Due to some seminar you think they would've known about, Spencer's OT evaluation and his regularly scheduled physical and speech therapy have been rescheduled for the following week. Yes, this means I'll have 3 appointments in one day (!!!) but that day was already a wash and Todd will be there so why not? Things are a little more spaced out now making it easier to handle, physically and emotionally.

8. I have never owned a Ramones shirt. I feel like I should or should have. Do I want to get one? Or do I want this to be one of those things I refuse to ever do...like watch The Wizard Of Oz? Decisions.

9. Going back to the previously mentioned pool party...we really need to make that happen. I miss my friends. It's been a month since Erin and Josh's wedding which was really the last time I saw some of them. And what would be better than seeing them in their bathing suits??? Nothing. Nothing at all. This would be a no-frills, come if you want to, BYOWhatever kind of event. Perfection.

10. After 4.5 years at my job, I finally got speakers for my computer. Instead of listening to the hideous sounds of machines or the air compressor...which I am very used to, to be honest...I can listen to music! My nephews turned me on to Spotify and I am thoroughly enjoying a playlist I made called "Summer Is Ready When You Are" and 'Liquor, Beer, and Wine' is kicking my day in the right direction.

"Liquor, Beer, and Wine is a flashing sign I see. Every single morning I get up, it's buzzing down at me. I look up to the heavens for a ray of hope to shine. And there it is in neon...Liquor, Beer and Wine" - Reverend Horton Heat


  1. Whelp... you just sealed THAT one. Someone is getting a Ramones t-shirt for Spencer's birthday - and it isn't Spencer.

    1. I knew you would take issue with this, ha ha. I was looking at Spencer's shirt the other day and thinking about how he hasn't worn it in awhile. That's when it hit me that I've never had one. Seems wrong, doesn't it??

      : )