Thursday, August 30, 2012

Poor Baby: A Tough Few Days For Four-Eyes

My poor little guy has been having a rough past few days. After we got home from the babysitters on Tuesday, he started screaming/crying/whimpering and never stopped. It was a cry I had never heard before. He was in agony. And as I had become sick to my stomach at work, very out-of-the-blue, I was also in agony. He wouldn't eat, he wouldn't play, he wouldn't let me put him down. Finally, after a few hours of terror, he passed out. Literally cried himself into a nap.

When Todd got home from work, I suggested he wake Spencer up and try to give him his nightly milkshake (Carnation Instant Breakfast) or he might be up all night. Big mistake. Huge. And totally my fault. He woke up and SCREAMED, so of course he was back in the bed with mommy...but he could not be consoled. The way he was crying was killing us both. We knew he didn't have an ear infection because he was just at the Audiologist the day before. No fever, not constipated, no injuries. And if you tried to lay him down, you would feel his wrath. He didn't want a teething ring or a popsicle, and he spit his Tylenol all over me.

We're GUESSING that he's teething. But we've been thinking that for awhile. Due to his issues, along with the possible Hypothyroidism, teething can be delayed so while he's been chewing things and drooling for what seems like an eternity, we haven't seen any chompers. I'm HOPING that it's teething because if it's not, I'm clueless and I can't stand to hear him like this. I really hope it's nothing to do with his thyroid medication. He's been takign it for 2 weeks now. Sigh.

I stayed home from work yesterday because I had been tossing my cookies...or imaginary cookies because I was all emptied out...and I was worried about Spence. He woke up late (probably exhausted) and started crying all over again, fiiiiiiiinally stopping to inhale some breakfast, thank Buddha. He had to be starving. Crying takes a lot out of you, physically. He was just a mess. I really hate saying this, but it was just the tiniest bit nice to feel so needed. He really wanted to be with mommy. He was my little sponge. But something had to give. I couldn't take seeing him like this anymore.

When he woke up from his nap, he seemed to have drastically improved, hooray! He had a bottle, ate a good lunch with gusto, and played happily. I even got to work on homework for a few HOURS because he was so involved in his toys...and a postcard from Canada from his Great Aunt Nan! It looked like the storm had ended. My little guy was back in action.

Todd had Spencer's glasses when he got home from work. I'm still a little broken up that he has to wear them. But they don't look AS bad as I thought they would and he doesn't seem to mind them, as long as they stay in place. Sadly, they're a little too big still (even though they are the smallest size) so even with the strap, they slip or become askew. If that happens, he rips them right off. It might be a bit of a challenge to find a way to get them to stay on but we'll work it out. He seemed pretty happy, staring me down, staring at his mobile. And he looks like a kid in glasses, not like a sick kid, which is what I was worried about. I'd still prefer he didn't need them but we'll deal. And once he grows a little, we'll upgrade to a better pair.

Todd called him "Spencer Potter" right off the bat.

So remember when I said the storm had ended? Joke was on us! When Todd brought Spencer up to join me in bed for a little snuggle time, he rolled over and I don't know if he hit his glasses on his nose or face, or if his prior moodiness had just returned, or what the Hell happened but he FREAKED OUT!!! Screaming all over again. And he wouldn't let me cuddle him to my chest, yet I HAD to hold him. He would only let me prop him on my hip. It was so bizarre and again, like nothing he had ever done before. He was a mad man. 

So despite the fact that it was killing my back, my hip, and my neck, I held him there until he fell asleep. And it took several attempts before he let me lay him down next to me without screaming his face off. I'm praying it's teeth. I want him to get teeth and I DON'T want all of this to be caused by something else. I hope he wakes up on the right side of the crib this morning or the babysitter is going to have quite the terror on her hands. And I'm not complaining about the crying because he RARELY if EVER cries. I just hate it because it's hard to see your child miserable without being able to do anything about it. Sigh.

OB/GYN appointment tomorrow. Looking forward to it, per usual. And super looking forward to a 4-day weekend as my body and brain are beat, but you know that because I can't stop mentioning it. Outside of seeing the doc and an End Of Summer family get together, my weekend is full of nothing and that sounds mighty fine to me. The more naps I can schedule, the better. 25 days (or less) from today, things are going to get chaotic!

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