Monday, August 27, 2012

Ready Freddie: Post Script

Just a SUPER quick update about today's goings on:

1. Spencer's physical therapist was very, very happy with the progress he's been making. While she didn't see him do it (she doesn't just leave him on the floor to his own devices...she holds and manipulates him), she was pumped to see the pictures of him doing his push-ups. She could physically feel the changes. And she was also happy to hear he's been spending a lot of time in his therapy chair with no complaints and good posture. A good report all around. He would typically go back in 4 weeks but as you know, that's C-Section day. So he gets a lengthier break of 6 weeks and I'm excited to see what happens it that time.

2. His speech therapist got a new job, quickly, and hasn't been replaced! Hopefully they get someone new soon at the school soon because I want to make sure his routine stays in place. I want to know if he's making the progress that I hope he's making. But maybe with 6 extra weeks to work on the exercises, he'll knock the socks off the new therapist. Here's hoping.

3. His hearing test went great, according to Todd. His ears were clear, no fluid, and no signs of infection! And speaking of infection, she was thrilled that at 1 year old, he's never had one in either ear. Pretty rare for a infant. His hearing will affect his speech so I'm pumped. His hearing is exactly what it should be for a fella his age. He'll go back in 6 months for another re-screen but his doctor had no concerns. FINALLY, some good news and no need to add another doctor to his team.

4. School has officially started and I feel really good about it...and just a little bit accomplished. I actually got such a jump on it that my entire 1st batch of homework (due 9/10) is done. Hollaaaaaaaaa. I also spent some time reading the text, taking notes, and doing practice questions (it's an Intensified Algebra class) in preparation for the first quiz. I am determined to do well. I want that A!!! Plus, I want to get ahead so I don't have anything hanging over my head while Sully and I are in the hospital or during our first days home. So far, so good, but it's only Day #1. I know this.

5. And...GOOD NIGHT!

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