Saturday, September 8, 2012

Appointment #11: Passing Time With a Trip To The Spa.

Spencer is 13 months today. I'm as in love as ever.

Yesterday's appointment (only 2 more to go!) was as basic as they come. I don't know what my BP was but she said it was good. Didn't even measure my belly so it must look on track. Weight is up despite all the stomach distress so that's a plus. The heart rate was 146 when I asked.

I did spend a little time having a Fetal Non-Stress Test cause his movement had been a little slower the past few days. Well, that must've been a fluke because he was rocking OUT the entire time I was on the monitor. I felt silly for even bringing it up. But Spencer's decreased fetal movement was the beginning of the storm so maybe I'm just paranoid.

Todd and I celebrated another appointment down with lunch, Gelato, and buying matching swishy pants for the little boys (I can't believe in 16 days or less i'll have BOYS, plural) to wear during Browns games. Followed this up with Todd setting up my new school study space (lovvvvve it), our Great Food Truck Race marathon, and snuggling with Spencer in the big bed.

It was a good day but a bad night. I can't get comfortable. I can't sleep. The doc referred me to a Neurologist in case the migraines continue after delivery. She also said several of her patients have had similar stomach issues so there is some icky bug going around. I just have to tough it out. And I have to remind myself that 16 days is way easier than 280 days AND I'm getting off a week early. Just have to deal. And I'm dealing by whining.

Today, as I've said, I'm treating myself to a little pampering with one of my best pals, Carol High Hair. A full-on Spa Day (my 1st mani/pedi, eek!) and lunch. Feels very cosmopolitan! And it's going to be a rainy, cool, Fall-like day so what better to do that hang with a friend getting beautified? It's probably my last outing before surgery so I'm making the most if it. Hoping it'll take my mind off my discomfort.

Details to follow.

I just had a really great afternoon with a really great gal. I went to PJ's Day Spa and got some hi-lights put in my hair and had my 1st manicure (a sparkly fall orange) while I waited for Carol. When she showed up, I sat with her as she got her own (blue-green) manicure and then it was pedicure time!

Holy cow, I'm addicted!

I didn't realize how much my feet hurt until I started getting pampered. And Carol was the best pal to have around. We chatted and laughed and just caught up. And the weirdness I thought I'd have about the pedicure disappeared after a few minutes. I loved it and I'll definitely be back...with Todd in tow.

And I'm really happy with my hair, too. A haircut can always change an attitude. It's full of autumn-esque, caramel peek-a-boos, trimmed up, and healthy! Spencer is following the Spa Day trend and I'm taking him to get him 1st official salon haircut on Friday. I wonder if I'll cry. Regardless, today was a great day that ended with a full belly. Thank you, Carol. And now that I'm all cut, colored, manied, pedied, lotioned, massaged, plucked, and stuffed...the baby is free to come! SERIOUSLY.

And with that...good night. At 8:00. For real.

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