Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello Maternity Leave: A Sign That Things Are Wrapping Up.

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It was so weird to go to bed last night and turn my alarm OFF...for the rest of the YEAR. And it's so weird to be here at home, in bed, while Spencer is at the sitter's. I'm just here, trying to relax which is virtually impossible anymore. Welcome to the wild, and wildly uncomfortable, world of Maternity Leave.

I wasn't supposed to go on leave for 2 more weeks but the choice sort of stopped being mine. The skull-crushing headache is still hanging on and most other pregnancy symptoms have decided to show up to the party at once: nausea, vomiting, intestinal issues and their aftermath, tailbone pressure, lower back pain, numbness in my leg (he's on a nerve just like Spencer was), broken sleep, constant urination, and an all-around discomfort in my own skin. Yes, I am bitching.

Monday night, after a rather pleasant Labor Day, I spent several hours camped out in the bathroom. It was a nightmare. When my alarm went off mere hours later, I realized sitting on my bum at work was not an option. Sitting on my bum anywhere was not an option! So I had to call off and realized that I had officially become undependable there. It's not like I'm calling off just to have some free time...I'm creating life and having a rough time doing it. But it's a burden to never know when an employee might not be there.

So yesterday, I talked to my supervisor about today being my last day...but everyone concerned told me just to wrap up the day and start my leave. Hence why I am blogging from bed. I've got to say, seeing as I jusssssst made it in the door yesterday before I tossed my cookies and spent the rest of the night with raging heartburn, it was time. I knew it, work knew it, and my body REALLY knew it. I didn't want to miss out on 2 weeks with Sullivan but it turns out I won't have to. I'll still be out until 2013...I'll just miss out on a little more pay than expected. Fair trade. I'd rather have the Sully time.

Several of the pregnant gals I know, all due this month, are miserable for a variety of reasons. I hope they can all get some relief soon. We have a doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon so we'll see what's what. He won't be full term until Monday. And I also have to take into account that while he's coming in 18 days...that's ALREADY a week earlier than he's supposed to, thanks to the scheduled C-Section. But I still plan to tell the doc about the cluster of things going on right now because they're making it difficult to function...especially with a 1 year old, who has really been nothing but a peach. He's smooching now and even when his tongue is all over my face, it's still cute.

So...that's where we stand. Or lay. I'll update tomorrow after I see the doc but I'm not banking on much to tell. Saturday is Spa Day and lunch with the lovely Carol High Hair. I'm getting my wig done (the peek-a-boo highlights are making a come back because I think I want some pink or purple hair for maternity leave...Hello 2006) and then it's mani/pedi time. My first! It'll be great to spend some time with a gal I love and get pampered a bit. I could use it!

Now, I have a date with Grey's Anatomy season 8.

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