Saturday, September 15, 2012

Appointment #12: One More Appointment Before The Big Show.

BP = good.
Belly = 37cm.
Weight = up 1 pound.
Heart Rate = 135, which is good.

And that's pretty much that. The nurse told me that from the next appt on, the doc would be doing internal exams. I reminded her that we only have 1 appt left and she retracted her statement. Since I'm having a scheduled C-Section, I won't be examined at all. In a way it stinks because I'd like to know if I'm dilated at all but on the the other hand, it's AWESOME because I don't want anyone poking around down there! Not fun at this stage in the game.

What IS fun is our new car, which thanks to Potsie, I've been calling the Swagger Wagon. I'll be honest, I LOVE the mini-van. Everything about it. It's got tons of room, lots of storage, and plenty of gadgets. I can answer my phone AND work the iPod (which doesn't even have to be plugged in) from the steering wheel. It's a great family car and I'm sure we'll have many adventures in it.

Also an adventure was Spencer's first salon haircut! The gal who does my hair did his and he was a trooper! He sat on his dad's lap like a champ and left looking adorable. Now he's set for all the pictures he's bound to be in when he meets his baby brother in 9 DAYS. Single digits. Awesome. I can't wait to have a picture of them together. My 2 baby boys. Swoon.

And now, homework. I'll be at my desk for the rest of the weekend. Sigh. I turned in my first quiz yesterday and feel pretty good about it. But I have homework due Monday and want to get as ahead as I can before the big day. The next 9 days will be crazy, no doubt. But at least getting the house ready and doing homework will make the days go by a little faster. Because despite loving having a bump, I. Am. Ready!


  1. I'm so excited for you and your family. Wishing you the easiest and best delivery, and finally the full family all together driving home in that awesome new mini-van! I hope to visit Ohio and daughter in November/December and get to meet Sully and give Spencer a 'big brother' hug!
    "Great Aunt Nan"

  2. I'm excited, anxious, and nervous all in one! And we for sure all have to get together when you're here!!!! That'll be great. I don't get to see your daughter nearly enough!!!!!!!