Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sullivan Richard Skywalker: Welcome To The World, My Love

Sullivan Richard Skywalker
Monday, September 24th
10:38am. 8#2 oz. 19"

We've taken to calling him our little pot roast (or various other food products...turkey, meatloaf, pork chop) because he's compact and solid. I also call him my baby bird because his eyes are typically closed and he roots around like a maniac.

It was love from square one, without a doubt.

Our little family is complete, no more babies are possible. And that's a-ok. I have 2 incredible sons and I have no idea how I got so lucky. Yesterday, I had both Spencer and Sullivan in my arms in my hospital bed and I hadn't felt that happy in I don't know how long.

Spencer is on his way here to visit with his mommy and baby brother. He's a touch wary of the little guy he keeps being sat next to. In fact, when Sully cried babies tend to do...Spencer screeeeeeamed. Sully cries, Spencer cries. So I'm trying to give Spencer extra mommy time.

Hence, you'll get the story of Sullivan tomorrow!!


  1. The biggest CONGRATULATIONS ever! You've been a trooper through a challenging pregnancy. Those two boys will be best buddies soon. Enjoy your circle of men!
    Phoebe's Mom ... and the boys Great Auntie by proxy!

  2. Thank you! So far, I'm enjoying every second of it! Can't wait for you to meet Sully and see how much Spencer has changed. And thank you for the card!!!!