Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Story Of Sully Vol. 2: My Hospital Vacation and Homecoming

Carrying on (while a certain little porkchop naps on me)...

The days in the hospital were all pretty much the same. Every two hours, give or take, nurses came in to check on me and/or Sully. Temperature, BP, my incision, bleeding, pain. I ended up on a pretty steady schedule of Percocet and Motrin, which is also what they sent me home with and what I'm almost out of but that's another story. Once the catheter and IV came out (fine, I took it out), I got to put on my own jammies and I felt like a million bucks. A million bucks that had been sliced open.

I spent a lot of my nights watching TV as I nursed the little guy since Todd slept at home with Spencer. This meant I was constantly watching TV because Sully was constantly pigging out, or trying to. The whole breast milk thing is a mystery to me. But I missed out on the experience with Spencer so I was/am giving it my best shot. I liked being able to look over and see Sully all snuggly at any time during the night. It was reassuring. Even though pediatricians came in every day and gave Sully (I just typed Spencer...wonder how long that's going to happen) the thumbs up, I was still worried. I'm not sure why since it was all so different than with Spencer. Sully was a-ok. He was perfect (and for the record, despite the drama, Spencer was perfect, too). Despite slight anxiety, I never dwelled on the sad parts of Spencer's birth experience. I enjoyed every second of this. And thank goodness considering it was my last time.

We had a few visitors every day (hooray for my parents always feeding us because hospital food...) but my favorite visitor was Spencer. I missed him like crazy. And even though I wasn't supposed to hold him, I couldn't help it when he reached out for his mom. I couldn't BELIEVE how heavy he felt! It was a total shock! It just sealed the deal that he's not a baby anymore. Or he's not an INFANT. But he cried like one every time Sully cried! I don't know if he was scared or confused or worried about Sully or didn't like the pitch...but if Sully cried, you saw the corners of Spencer's mouth turn down and then a very loud cry with a LOT of power behind it busted out. We spent a lot of time trying to shield Spencer from Sully's squawking. But it WAS kind of funny.

After Sully recovered from the big snip on Friday, we were allowed to go home! I was so excited to have my baby boys in the same place at the same time so they could bond but I was also wary of leaving the hospital. Very anxious. They took really good care of me and I was in a lot of pain. Still am, mostly from the tubal. Been trying to keep up on the meds but it's hard when I want to give all my time to my boys and not be in a haze.

My boys. Plural.

I can't believe he's here and he's even more awesome than I imagined. I actually didn't know what to imagine because I couldn't see past Spencer. He was all I knew. Now I'm getting to know Sully. He's solid and STRONG. He's already holding his head up a little and putting weight on his legs. He has dark eyes and a full head of dark cinnamon hair. He has a very serious look on his face all the time because he has a creased brow. He eats A LOT and he takes a long nap on me every day, just like Spencer did. And he likes to take things in...he's always looking around quietly, soaking up his surroundings. He only cries when he's hungry but a few times, he's cried when he heard Spencer cry. Brothers. He does NOT like to be cold or nude. And speaking of nude, he has flapjack buns (a.k.a. no ass) just like his brother and father!

So here, we are, settling into life at home as our new family. I've been loving the extra time with Todd, no doubt. Some people keep questioning how I'm going to do this, parent 2 such small kids. I'm a good mom and I have a good husband. How are we going to deal with 2 small kids? We just ARE. And when we need back up, we have awesome families and the best friends ever. There's plenty of back-up if the need arises. But so far, we're doing alright as mom and dad. And Spencer is very interested in this little creature we brought home...whom we keep calling "your baby" or "the puppy", ha.

So I'm going to go cuddle with the puppy but this story isn't over. All really good stories are a trilogy. The third and final post will be my favorite pictures up to this point, and there are some doozies! It'll be far more enjoyable than listening to me babble!!!

Stick around...

Oh! And congrats to 2 more awesome broads that brought baby boys into the world in the past few weeks. To Jackie and little Colton and to Jenn and baby Otto...CONGRATS MOMMIES! The baby tally is now at 5 boys and 3 girls for 2012.


  1. I'm not gonna lie. The paragraph about you and your good husband... I got a little misty there. Love you guys SO MUCH!!!! <3

  2. I won't lie, either. I can't WAIT to see PICTURES!!
    Love, Great Aunt Nan ... aka Phoebe's Mum