Monday, October 8, 2012

Total and Utter Randomness: Emptying Out My Brain Space

1. Don't worry...volume 3 of Sully's story (in pictures) is still coming your way. And soon! Little pork chop is already 2 weeks old today! And Spencer is also 14 months. My little bruisers.

2. Right off the bat, good luck today, Sarah! I hope your induction goes well and baby Noah is here in no time. After Sarah, there are only a few preggo friends left! The majority of us pregnant gals are pregnant no more and enjoying our little monsters. Maybe I should start a Rock-n-Roll Mom play group. It would be nice to kick it with other moms and for Spencer and Sully to grow up with these cool kids.

3. Turns out I'm healing a lot slower than I'd like to admit. Some days I feel awesome and some days I feel like the life is being sucked out of me. I'm bleeding again, am very sore, and my tummy is wrecked in ways you don't want to know about. I tried to go to a family campout and did pretty well for awhile but by the end of the evening, I knew my body had enough. It probably had too much. But Spencer had too much, too!

Poor guy screamed and screamed unless he was with me. He was glued to my side, not that I minded. Spencer has not been a screamer until recently and there are a few theories as to what's bringing this on. First, it could be stranger anxiety. There was a big group of people he didn't know and he takes everything in. Could've been overwhelmed. OR it could be the fact that he's FINALLY getting his 1st tooth. Or a combo.

Whatever it was, I packed Spencer and Sully up and we drove home. We all got into jammies, had a snack, watched a little TV, and crashed together in my room. It was a mother-n-son slumber party. But even though I slept well and got Spencer back to being his awesome self, I'm still in some pain (yes, I know healing time is 6 weeks) and still out of sorts. Sigh.

4. Sully's belly button fell off yesterday. I need time to slow down. I need to savor this time with my last baby. I'm going to blink and he'll be 1, like my Spence Baby.

5. I just got the preliminary report that ST and PT went really well today! He has a new speech therapist and Todd likes her. The physical therapist was really happy with how strong he's gotten since his last appointment and how much he's improved, especially with putting weight on his legs. Awesome. I needed some good news. With ST, he's about 9-12 months in receptive speech and scattered between 6-12 months with expressive. I'll take it.

6. They're also starting an early intervention program for infants. Someone would be coming to the house weekly to help us work on things they highlight at his monthly visits. This had nothing to do with where Spencer stands. It's just a new program that would give him an even bigger jump, even will some cognitive skills. I will do whatever they recommend to get my little dude caught up, for sure.

7. Todd goes back to work and Spencer goes back to the babysitter tomorrow. It's just me and Sully 3 days a week. I'm looking forward to bonding one-on-one with my little guy but I also really loved all the time we've spent as a family. I'll miss Todd being around. And I'm sure I'll feel guilty about Spencer but he needs to get back in his routine and socialize with the other kids. So it is what it is.

8. I got an A on my second quiz. But I don't feel so comfortable with quiz 3. I'll just keep my fingers crossed, I guess.

9. This is about boob juice so skip it if it's not your bag. No judgement: I keep going back and forth about this whole breast feeding thing. I want Sully to get the good stuff but I don't think he's getting enough when he nurses. I'm making TONS because I pump just to empty the tanks. I already have a nice frozen supply. But he's trying to nurse every hour at night which leads me to believe he's not getting enough. And then I don't get enough sleep. Todd can't help feed when I'm nursing.

But I'll also be honest, it's uncomfortable. I've given it 2 weeks and I cringe when he cries because I know what I'm in for. He'll get the same good stuff out of a bottle. And seeing as 3 days a week it'll be just me and him...we've got plenty of ways to bond. We're already bonded!! Hell, he's asleep in my arms as I type this. But am I trying to convince myself that I'm OK with this? I don't want to feel guilty. I don't want to screw Sully out of anything.

10. Our friends are visiting from Hawaii and coming to Castle Grayskull this week so I better straighten up. Plus, I have homework due tonight, a Bob's Burgers on the DVR, and my guts are asking to be fed. I just can't...stop...blogging...