Saturday, January 26, 2013

Getting To Know You: You're 4 Months Old!

Yes, I'm late again since Sullivan turned 4 months on Thursday but I wanted to wait until his check-up at the Pediatrician so I'd have all kinds of fun! Facts about the little guy who steals more of my heart every day!

Sullivan is 14 pounds 4 ounces (50th percentile) and 26.26" (90th percentile). He's a tall dude! And already in 6 month clothes because he's so lengthy. Everything about him looks great. He had 3 vaccines and handled them like a champ, and can now have cereal, which will hopefully help him sleep longer through the night.

Sometimes the stretch is 6 or 7 hours but lately, it's been more like 3 or 4. He's been in his crib for a few weeks but I just put his basinet away today. It stung...he's not an infant anymore. After cereal, he can have fruits, veggies, and before you know it, he'll be in college. I can't blink. And if I can't blink, I guess it doesn't matter if I get sleep!

Sully is the happiest baby. Always laughing and cooing and happy to see me. I love cuddling with my little red head, especially how that he's a little less stiff and more smooshable. He's doing everything a 4 month old should: laughing and smiling, rolling over (both ways), reaching and grasping...and holding on TIGHT, especially with mommy's hair..., holding his head up with total control (but he pretty much has been since birth), and moving about. You put him to bed or in the gym one way and that is NOT where he is when you take him out. He's a wiggly worm!!

He likes to play with links (and his brother likes to take those links away) and rattles. He also dances like crazy but he seems more into bright, flashing lights than music right now. He's really trying out new facial expressions and sounds...and a lot of those sounds are still coming from his buns! He's a gas MACHINE. But I love this guy like crazy. He's such a good little brother and just a sweet, laid back little man. I'm so lucky to have him and can't imagine my life without him.

He turns my bad days right again. He owns me.

Happy 4 Months, Tank!


  1. how could you ever have bad days with that face around?!? what a ham!