Monday, March 11, 2013

Finally: Home Sweet Home

I know it's been a week since I blogged and most people know why that is but if you don''s because we FINALLY got to come home!!! After 21 days in the hospital, Spencer's ANC got to 210 and his platelets were about 155 (I think) which is in the normal range! He hasn't made normal platelets on his own...EVER! His bone marrow is starting to do its thing!!!

Some blasts were showing up in his blood but his doctors aren't concerned. When the bone marrow starts to work again, it will boot any remaining nastiness out. So that's most likely what the blood test picked up, dying nastiness that was being evicted from his marrow. And we were evicted from the hospital! Of course, we have to go to the clinic this Wednesday and he has a biopsy this Friday. And let's not forget another surgery to replace his central line. That's scary stuff.

But 2 weeks at home? I'll take it!!

He's been so great, too! Like we were never at the hospital. Like he doesn't even have Leukemia. He's just as awesome and happy as ever. And Sully is SO happy to have him home. But there has been one dark spot in our happy homecoming that I didn't think we'd deal with for several years. An ignorant, uneducated bitch (believe me, I could, and have, called her worse) called Spencer a cruel name.

I knew this girl was a total troublemaker already but when someone calls my 19 month old, cancer fighting son who has never done ANYTHING to ANYONE a name, this name, purposefully targeting his developmental issues...pathetic. And she's a mother (in the sense that she has a child, not because she's doing any parenting) so she should know better. But why am I surprised?? Expecting anything different is my fault.

Spencer and Sullivan are my best pals. My job. My hobbies. They are more awesome than I could ever hope to be. I will not let anyone hurt them, ever. And again, I have to wonder what kind of human garbage calls an ill baby a name?? You really have to have nothing else going for you to stoop that low. Friends and family have all rallied during the situation and it's just another way that people have shown how much they love Spencer. You don't mess with him (or his mom).

And I've been reminded by one very wise broad that there are 450+ people on Team Spencer (and that's just the people on Facebook). 450+ people vs. 1 bitch not worth a second thought. That was comforting. But shamefully, the suggestion that people like this always get their comeuppance felt even better! I'd like to say I let it roll off of my back right off the bat but she poked the dragon (too much Game Of Thrones). It took a minute to remember that some people are just sad.

So moving on...head held high.

As I said last week, Spencer's hair started to fall out. It was suggested by Todd's uncle that I take the hair myself and not let the disease have it. So...BOOM! Mohawk! Well, Safety-hawk. And it looks adorable. It made me feel a little better about him shedding. And my utterly rad friend Jimbo, in a show of solidarity, shaved his head. That tugged at my heart strings in a big way. So many people have bought merch from The Team Spencer shop and Phoebe is starting a new website...I sort of thought that as treatment went in, interest in this whole mess might die down. But Team Spencer is stronger than ever.

And I love each and every one of you!!!

Now back to enjoying my sons and my home!


  1. I really didn't think Spencer could be any cuter, and then you gave him a mohawk!!!! He is so freaking adorable.
    I'm so happy for you guys that you are home, even if it's just for the 2 weeks. Enjoy it while it lasts!!! We'll come visit this next time you guys are stuck at the hospital as long as there are no germs in our lives. We were all sick this last time ;(
    I'm sorry that someone was shitty and ignorant, and unfortunately it probably won't be the last time someone is, but try not to let it get you down/pissed. You are a good mama that will show your boys that those words don't matter and being different is awesome anyways.

    1. I'd love to see you guys at the hospital. The next round will be the longest one. This one almost made me go bananas so the next one with be rough. I'm enjoying EVERY SECOND of being home. And I know it's not the last time he'll heard cruel words but he's still a BABY. What kind of scumbag...??? But you're right. He'll grow up knowing words are just words. Even perfectly typical kids get teased. They'll know being different is awesome. Not one of his honorary aunts and uncles is like another. And this stupid broad...she'll just be stuck in his miserable life.

  2. Not that it's any consolation, but think about how sad and pathetic her life must be if she can find any justification for calling a sick child such a cruel name. Yuck-o.

    1. I'm sure she's not smart enough to come up with a justification. She just went for a cheap shot to make herself feel tough. But I have a plan for if she even dares to mention my child ever again. I never forget the people who try to hurt my family.