Friday, March 15, 2013

Time Is Winding Down: Round 2 Approaches

Spencer and Todd just left for Spencer's 4th bone marrow biopsy. I feel guilty for not going but we need to budget our babysitters for when we're in the hospital again. We won't know the results until early next week but this isn't as stressful as previous biopsies. We were in limbo then but now, we're already in treatment. What we WILL learn is where we stand with the Leukemia cells. But whether the cells are gone, decreased, or whatnot, he still has 5 rounds of treatment to go. No matter how you slice it, we've got a ways to go.

As his mom, it kills me to know that Spencer will be sedated and I won't be there, but I've seen it first hand twice and I know he's in good hands. Todd will keep me informed as the procedure goes on and it will be over before I can even panic about it. I plan to give Sully a little extra attention which I feel he needs. Maybe I feel that way since Round 2 is quickly approaching. Spencer and I get a lot of bonding time so I've got to admit, I love my solo moments with the Moose.

In other news, we had a clinic appointment on Wednesday. They drew his blood and his platelets were 312! Normal is between 150-400!!! Plus, platelets always bounce back first as treatment does it's thing. He hasn't lost any weight and he's gained half an inch. After all the peppiness died down, I had to hear some non-awesome things about Round 2 of chemo.

It's going to be much more intense. The rest of his hair WILL fall out and he'll probably have severe mucousitis. This could mean he'll stop eating and drinking and if he does, he'll have to get nourishment through his line or through an NG tube (from his nose to his stomach, bypassing any swollen areas). He had one when he was in the NICU and those are not sweet memories for me. Bummer.

His doctor called later in the day and said his ANC is only 450 (this is the number that had to be 250 for us to leave the hospital). This is in the low side and he's still in the "recovery period" after the chemo but Round 2 cannot begin until his ANC is 1000+. They're checking it today before the biopsy and again next week before we're readmitted. I'm not sure what happens if he doesn't hit 1000 before Thursday. Is chemo delayed? Will he constantly be poked until he gets that number??

Not sure why, but everything is really starting to sink it. I went right into Attack Mode when his treatment plan became official and we've had so much support that I've felt invincible (even when pathetic lowlifes ignorantly ran their mouths). But now it's really sinking in that he has cancer and my family is going through what it's going through. When you imagine life with your future children, I bet it doesn't include childhood cancer. But it is what it is.

The one plus right now is that while this next round will be really long, we MIGHT get a break. The chemo runs 2 days, off for 5, back on for 2 (and then a 3-4 week "recovery period"). So his doc said its fine with him if we go home for the 5 day break!! BUT the chemo is so intense, it really all hinges on how he does and if he gets an infection...which is unlikely after 2 days. But if I've learned ANYTHING, it's not to get your hopes up during this process.

So now I wait to hear from Todd and then to hear from the results from the docs. At this moment, surgery for a new central line and Round 2 are scheduled for Thursday. And this time I'll try to blog day by day so I don't forget things. As always, we appreciate all of the support. And a huge thank you to everyone who made purchases from The Team Spencer shop. You all have amazingly big hearts and I hope to be just like you when I grow up.

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