Thursday, March 21, 2013

Round 2: Back In Action

They just took my baby boy back to surgery for placement of another central line. It should be about an hour or less and then we'll check into his room to start the second round of chemotherapy. Our time off went way too fast. And even though we've been through this before, even the line surgery, it isn't any easier. I hate knowing that at this moment, they're putting my dude under anesthesia, intubating him, putting in an IV, and threading a line into his chest. He's so tuff. So strong.

We got some good news this week. The official results from Friday's bone marrow results showed no abnormal cells!! Well, there were some but they weren't the same as they were before. They could just be really immature cells. His doc said this is awesome news. We can't call it "remission" until a few tests, which take longer, show that all of the Leukemia markers are gone but these results prove treatment is working! No need to tweak the plan or change anything!!

The fact that the cells are gone does not mean that we get to stop chemo. He still has 5 treatments to go, including this one. Time for a quick lesson: the first part of treatment (Induction) is to get rid of all the nasty cells and bring on remission which is no evidence of cancer. The second part is post-remission chemo (Consolidation). This is meant to catch any cells that the blood tests and biopsies miss. It happens. You can't look at EVERY cell in the body. Without the Consolidation treatment, his cancer could/would come back.

The good news about his good results is that we MIGHT get a tiny break this round. He's getting chemo for 2 days (through his line and an injection into his leg) and then gets 5 days off. As long as he doesn't spike a fever, his doc gave us the OK to spend the off days at home. I'll take it!! After the mini-break, he'll have 2 more days of chemo and then about 3 weeks of hospital time. Todd and I are going to keep up our plan of my being here Monday - Saturday and him here Saturday - Monday. It's not great and it's not easy but it works.

August/September and the end of all this junk seem so far away but at LEAST there is end date. This will all end for him and for us. Some people are not so lucky. Being in my position as the loved one of someone with cancer, I am sick of cancer affecting people I love. Not just the people with the disease but their loved ones. It's mentally and physically exhausting and incredibly painful for them. I'm thinking about a few people in particular today and wishing I could make their bad days better.

The OR called out to the waiting room 15 minutes ago to let me know he was asleep, they started, and he's doing great so far. I will try to update later tonight after the chemo gets going. As always, thank you for your support. We are extremely lucky to have such a fantastic support system. Thank you from my whole family. Oh! The OR just called again, they're finishing up, and he's doing great. Can't wait to see him!

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