Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Break It Down: 10 Sweet Days At Home After 1 Day Of Pure CRAZY

You won't even believe this...unless you already know, which most do...but Sully was admitted to the hospital on Thursday. The SAME hospital that Spencer and I were at! I know I said that I wanted my whole family to be together but this was not even close to what I meant. Poor Sully had an abscess on his leg so Todd took him to his pediatrician to have it checked out and he was immediately sent to Rainbow to see a pediatric surgeon! SURGEON!!

When Todd and Sully arrived, a volunteer sat with Spencer so I could be at the surgeon's office. They decided that Sully would be admitted for IV antibiotics and if the abscess didn't go down with hot compresses, they'd have to drain it surgically. You can't even imagine how I was feeling at that very moment. I actually couldn't stop laughing. There I was with Sully in one room and clear across the hospital, Todd was with Spencer. Together, but not.

I've seen, heard, and done a lot of rough things over the last 20 months with Spencer but seeing Sully get his IV was AWFUL. He was TRAUMATIZED and that's not exaggeration. It broke my heart. So I sat in a rocking chair with my little Buddha, doing hot compresses all night. And I mean ALL NIGHT. At 9:15, he started screaming and didn't stop until midnight...when they gave him Oxycodone for pain. I know it's awful but babies on painkillers can be pretty funny. Not so funny was the abscess coming to a repulsive head. Thinking about it...blech.

The surgical team came in around 6:00 in the morning, waking us both (which made both mama and stoned baby MAAAAD). When the surgeon reached out to shake my hand saying, "Hi, I'm Dr. So-and-So, nice to mee.......you're Spencer's mom". When he realized that he had already done a few procedures on one son and here I was with my OTHER son, I think the whole team felt sorry for me. I was still laughing about the whole thing. You seriously can't make this stuff up. Anyway,though it had drained slightly, they ended up doing a procedure to put in a "loop" that will help empty the whole thing out. I know it's gross but there is bacteria EVERYWHERE. Anyone can get this.

After he ate and proved he would take his antibiotics by mouth, we were allowed to go home! And the BEST part of that is that Spencer got to come home, too!! His ANC is still low but the doctors knew he was in recovery.  But we had to keep the boys separated until Sully's culture came back, Sully and I took the top floor and Spencer and Todd stayed down. It wasn't ideal but eating Italian take-out and watching Conan in bed with my baby sure as HELL beat being in the hospital.

The next few days were awesome. I said we would make the most of any time we had at home together and we have. Saturday, I decided to cut all of my hair off. Over a foot. Post-pregnancy, a lot of my hair fell out and what was left was all broken. The haircut came out GREAT. I was wary of going short but I love it, Todd LOVES IT, and it feels healthy, which is most important. After that, I made dinner and we watched movies and cocktailed, one of us caring for Sully and one for Spencer to continue their separation.

Sunday, we had breakfast and then went to the history and art museums, and dinner with my niece. The shark exhibit at the history museum was rad (I highly recommend it) and the renovation of the art museum was truly incredible! Plus, we saw tone of awesome people and friends. And yesterday, we made the impromptu decision to hit Dave and Buster's after we picked Aiden up from school. It's been awhile since we've been able to do anything as a family with all this junk going on. And after many threats, I FINALLY schooled Todd in hoops!! Take THAT.

But that was after Todd and I took an early-morning walk to North Park with the boys. We're both trying to lose weight (I'm already down 5.5 pounds) so I'm doing the Couch To 5K program and yesterday was Week 1 Day 1. I've never been a fan of running but I set the goal of 20 pounds by July (and I'll reward myself with a new dress and shoes for Tessa's wedding) and this will get me in great shape. And it helped to see Todd pushing my little dudes around while I ran. He said he was proud of me. That was awesome.

Today, he went back to work and I shaved Spencer's head. A little painful for mommy.

I've been cooking and cleaning and doing homework, enjoying normalcy and fresh air with my boys. Thursday I have to take both of them downtown, Sully to have his loop removed and Spencer to have his blood drawn. Round 3 of chemo is scheduled to start on April 29th but it all depends on his numbers. His ANC has to be over 1,000 to begin. Part of me hopes it won't be there yet so we get a few more days at home but the sooner we start, the sooner it's over. And I want it over because I hate this shit. HATE IT.

One possible glimmer of hope is something that was mentioned in passing. This next round won't be anywhere near as harsh as the last. So it's POSSIBLE that after the 4 days of chemo, Spence could come home while his numbers recover. I'm not getting my hopes up though. It's safest for him to be in the hospital in case of infection but the SECOND he got home, he started eating like a champ again, his diaper rash cleared up, and he hasn't thrown up once. Home is the best cure. So happy to be here.

So yeah, maybe I AM getting my hopes up. I just prefer when my family is together.

There you have it. Thanks for your support, as always. After this round he'll be half way done!!!

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