Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Round 2: An End To The Madness??

It's been over a week since I whipped up a Spencer update. You'd think I'd have tons of time for this but I just don't. When I'm here, I'm occupied with Spencer and school. There is very little down time. People in and out all day and night. And at home, it's all about school work and Sully. Blogging isn't top priority. But so many people have been SO supportive and care SO much, that I want to make sure to keep people informed. I love how much he's loved. Plus, posterity and all that jazz.

There's really not too much to report. But I always say that and find a million things to say. We're still at Seidman. Spencer's numbers bottomed out as they should and it's just been a waiting game for them to recover. He's been throwing up and hasn't had much of an appetite, which is a little odd because his side effects from chemo should be over by now, for this round anyway. He still has his mohawk! It's thinner but overall, he didn't really lose all his hair! We'll see what happens in future rounds.

Unfortunately, from so many antibiotics, he got C-Diff (most common cause of poop attacks in the hospital) and has been filling diapers like a mad man. He'll be on a different med (an antibiotic to get rid of something caused by an antibiotic, bizarre) for awhile to clear that up but night time IV nutrition and fluids and lipids are keeping him hydrated and fed. His weight is actually up from his admission...21 days ago. He's 10.6 kilos/23 pounds!

Last week, some sort of nightmarish stomach bug took out my whole family. First it took out Todd and his mom, then me. I was here which was not fun. Throwing up is bad enough at home but horrific when surrounded by strangers. I was asked to go home and my dad stepped in 2 days in a row to hold down the fort. I didn't get any rest because Sully Buns caught the sickness and needed mom. My sister, nephew, and mom followed. It was epic. After 24 hours, my fever broke and life returned to normal, minus a few pounds (trying to lose 20 by July anyway so, jump off). Spencer never had it but will the C-Diff, he was in equally rough shape. His diaper rash was so bad they gave him MORPHINE. So...picture that.

After an awesome weekend with Sully and an A&P exam I actually felt super prepared for, I had to come back yesterday. I love Spencer but it's been 3 weeks and I'm over this place. More and more, I'm worried about my mental health with 4 more rounds but I'll deal with my breakdown as it happens. Trying to think positive. Made a list of Spring/Summer Awesome Activities so we can make the most of any time off we have between rounds. Trading 1 summer so we can have Spencer forever is worth it. We'll still have plenty of good times. Like I said, trying to think positive.

And speaking of time off, there's talk of us going home this week! His ANC is 60 today. They're shooting for 100 to let us go this time. If we DO go home, we'll come for a clinic visit next week and report for Round 3 the week after. It might only be a week or two but I will NOT complain. His ANC has to be 1,000 for chemo to start again so we may get more time. It's up to science. I already told Todd I want to go to Benihana, barbecue some ribs, and maybe hit the museums or something. Not wasting a second.

So things are going pretty well. We'll be 1/3 of the way done when they finally free us from this joint. I need to keep it in my mind that there WILL be an end date. This WILL end. And next spring/summer, we'll be splashing in the pool, having fun, and this will be on it's way to becoming a distant memory. We'll get through this and get on with our lives. And there will be umbrella drinks...

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