Thursday, May 30, 2013

Not Quite: A Welcome Delay

Yesterday we headed back to the hospital to start Round 4 of Spencer's chemo. But after a routine blood test to make sure his counts were ready, we were sent home for another I'm bed-blogging. My favorite place to babble and blather. And my boys went to the sitter's to play with the kids so I could get some more stuff done around this joint. Plus they need some time to interact with other little monsters. An extra week at home. I want to get through the second half of chemo but I'll take it!! I was on the fence anyway. I wanted to get this whole nightmare over with, but I wasn't ready to be stuck there again.

The good news is that his doc mentioned him coming home again! He said it's up to the doctor on the floor at the time but that he's going to push for it. This would mean only 4 or 5 days in the hospital and 3 to 4 WEEKS at home!!! I can handle that. I would LOVE THAT, especially seeing as school started Tuesday and it is a much heavier load since summer semester is shorter. And Spencer belongs at home. I don't care if he won't remember any of this. I WILL. A kid belongs at home with his family having fun in the summer. 

And don't worry, the fact that he couldn't start yesterday doesn't mean anything concerning. His marrow is working as evidenced by his platelet and hemoglobin
counts. The ANC is just taking its time. He's in Remission and doing amazingly. He's really showed those doctors a few things!!! Hopefully next Wednesday his numbers will be up and we can get down to business and then hit the road. Get him home for Father's Day! Chemo runs for 96 hours straight. That's enough hospital time for me.

Speaking of hitting the road, I think I'll go
running before I start ripping this place apart. I was going to babble about what we've been doing during our down time but this may be the only time I have for an early morning run alone (and I'd like to see another pound gone at my next weigh-in). We've spent a lot more time at home during our break. Eating, opening the pool, house projects...and that suits me just fine. Normality. Normalcy. 

Thanks for the continued support! We appreciate every last drop and wouldn't get through this without the people who have rallied around us! You're all awesome!

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