Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Half Way Mark: A Surprise Jailbreak Brings Joy To Us All

Sorry for the lack of updates but last Wednesday we were sprung from the hospital quite unexpectedly!  So I've been wrapped up in home/family time. Round 3 was our shortest round yet at 16 days at Rainbow and when we left last Wednesday, Spencer was officially half way done with his chemotherapy. 3 rounds down and 3 to go!

I believe I was complaining that morning or the day before that going home was nowhere in sight because he still hasn't bottomed out, let alone recovered. But Wednesday morning, his ANC was 1040, platelets were 110, and his hemoglobin was up so they declared him in recovery and sent us packing! My mom was visiting so she helped us get safely home...my favorite place to be.

I've taken the boys to a few softball games, we've shopped and hit some restaurants, but mostly we've been hanging out around here. My dad and Todd built a fence and we're planning what I call Spence and Sully's Super Garden. There has been some other outdoor projects including starting to open the pool.

It may not sound glamorous but it feels good to do normal things. And it'll feel great to have to the house and yard all squared away for summer fun, wherever we can fit it in. Today, the boys went to their sitter's for the day and I'm cleaning The Castle. There are certain things you just can't do with 2 boys getting into shenanigans, especially when the little one is already standing and climbing on everything! 

Spencer's EI Specialist said that Sully is advanced where milestones are concerned and has rad gross motor skills. It's super exciting but also hurts a smidgen since Spencer is still working on standing more and walking. His legs are strong but his trunk needs work. He'll get there! It's just fascinating to see such different boys...but man, are they crazy about each other! That's why I love having Spencer home and am going to push for him to recover here after The next round. There was no reason we had to stay there this time.

Tomorrow, Spencer has his clinic visit to check his counts and see if he is ready to start Round 4. I'm guessing he will be and I'm guessing we'll head back in on Tuesday but what do I know? This round should be similar to the last and I'm really hoping to be out for Father's Day. There has also been talk of a weekend trip to DC that I'm hoping we can participate in. Fresh air is great for Spencer and we can control who he is in contact with on a trip like this. Plus school starts back up on Tuesday and its stressful at the hospital.  But we'll see. Everything is in the doctor's hands. And SPENCER'S...and he kicked ass this round. Toughest kid I know. Toughest PERSON.

I guess I should get out of bed and get to cleaning this joint. I would like to run but it looks like rain and my body needs a break after doing my circuit 2 days in a row. I'm down 8 pounds, am eating so much better, and I'm starting to see and feel differences in my body. I still hate running/jogging but it's paying off. A few more pounds and I'll be at my wedding weight. Not too shabby!

And props to Todd for losing 14 so far!

I will fill everyone in after Spencer's appointment tomorrow. Cross your appendages that his blood work looks good and that they'll consider letting him recover at home. If the 536+ members of Team Spencer send enough positive vibes, things will HAVE to work in our favor, right?? And also, if you can send some hope that they don't decide to readmit him before the holiday weekend, that would be awesome!! Thanks in advance and thanks for being the best support system we could ask for!

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