Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Gearing Up To Get Down: Time For Round 5?

Last Wednesday I took Spencer around the corner for a blood draw to find out when his chemo would start back up. Later in the day, his doc called to say that Friday was a no-go. While his platelets and hemoglobin were great and doing their thing on their own (which means the marrow is working), his ANC was 500 and as we know, chemo can't start until it's 1,000. You're all probably experts at this by now after all the babbling I've done. I wish we were all experts on something else.

Spencer was a week late last time so this was no shocker. The plan was now to bring him into the clinic for a blood draw and be prepared to admit him after. His doc felt confident that in a week his numbers would hit the mark. If they haven't, then we've just wasted some gas and a few hours. No big deal. I'm actually glad to be going downtown since his bandage is a WRECK and I'm ready to get all this chemo business over with.

If we start tomorrow, I only have to be at the hospital 2.5 days because I'm taking a mini-roadtrip for Tessa's wedding with the wife (unless chemo is delayed again and Todd can accompany me). 2.5 days is MUCH easier to take. And since I'm leaving the hospital on Friday, I won't really lose out on Sully time.  I'm talking about this like it's no big deal but I'm just fooling myself. 1 day, 1 week, 1 month...I hate being there. And I hate that I've missed out on time with Sully. He really gets the short end of the stick...but just keeps on smiling.

I have to pack. I've been putting it off.

Backing up to the wedding, I'm pretty excited. I bought 2 dresses because I really can't decide. That's always preferable to not being able to find one at all. Spending some time with the wife and getting to sleep in a hotel will be a nice break. Plus, I LOVE WEDDINGS. Even bad ones. I love getting dressed up, eating, open bar (and I'm not pregnant!!!), all the wedding traditions...and this is my oldest friend. It's going to be a great event in the midst of a junky time.

I'm still asking everyone to cross your digits that he can recover at home. A week in the hospital is long enough! I'll do whatever is best for him, of course, but I think what's best for him is being at home with his family. One more round after this. One more round then a lot of follow ups. Every week, every other, every month, every 6, every year, every few years. This will be with us forever. And I'll always worry that it's going to come back in one form or another. But I will not let cancer define who he is or who I am. It'll be an accessory of his life, not the core.

But enough babble. 

Next update from the hospital. Round 5/6.

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