Sunday, June 30, 2013

Half Of The Year Is Over: Sailing On

This may be a long one. Ramblin' on.

First off, thanks to everyone who was concerned about my health nonsense last week. It took a day or two but I returned to normal, or as normal as I've ever been. If anything like that happens again, I'll head straight to my doctor because it was slightly unnerving. I'm thinking it was a migraine and probably stress related but I'm no doctor, even if my alter ego is one. Dr. Armshoulder Shoesnshorts. 

We had out first impromptu pool party of the summer last weekend. I'm feeling pretty good about my bikini body but I still have some poundage to drop. Not the point. It was fun to see some friends, old and new, and it was especially rad to have the 3 babies born back to back to back, Colton, Sully, and Noah, together. It's funny that we all had babies at the same time. Sarah and I even had the same due date. Guess we were all bored on the same night. ZING!

Monday we went to the aquarium and while it was a blast (Spencer lovvvvves sealife), I can officially say I don't need to go back. Even at the reduced price. We went to Shooters, a.k.a. 1984 Miami night club, for lunch and all our good times went sour. It was clear that Spencer's PICC had come out a little. Black dots on the line let us know if it's still in place. Where we were supposed to see 1 or 2, we now saw 3. I was heartbroken. If the line moved, that meant another surgery for Spencer. I was so hoping the PICC would make it through his last 2 rounds, though I knew it was a long shot.

The doc on call said there was no need for an emergency visit so I headed downtown with Spencer on Wednesday per usual. The line had moved, but we knew that. They were able to draw his blood and flush his lines so it seemed to be functioning. The draw showed that his white count was low which was to be expected but his hemoglobin and platelets were normal on their own so no need for transfusions. We went for a chest x-ray and he got his bandage changed (the WORST), and then we discussed a bunch of stuff.

Spencer, schedule-wise, would be set to start chemo on July 3rd, but that doesn't mean his ANC would be ready. Since there's the holiday and all (a holiday I actually love for some reason), we're going to wait a hot second. In fact, since his transfusable items looked so good, we don't even have to go downtown this Wednesday!! We'll go around the corner to have labs drawn and if everything is A-OK, he'll start Round 5 on Friday. If the numbers are not favorable, it'll depend how low they are as to when we'll check again. He was a week off last time. With every round of chemo, you bounce back more slowly. I want the home time (and it would be nice for Todd to go to Tessa's wedding but my wife will be a lovely date), but I want this shit DONE!! 2 rounds left.

An exciting exchange had to do with recovery. His doctor said he'd be more inclined to keep him in the hospital after his 7 continuous days of Chemo because he's getting one he's never had before. Not to say it's more intense or anything, it's just new so there's no way to say how Spence will react. However, since he's done so well at home and has really kicked ass with every round so far, recovering at home is once again open for discussion!!! Being at the hospital is not the best place for him once the chemo is unhooked (I do like that they've got their eyes all over him while that's going on) and it's not good for me, either. So I've got all appendages crossed for home recovery. 

As far as the line goes, the x-ray showed that it has moved to the top of the superior vena cava but is still centrally located and functioning. His doc is comfortable with continuing to use the line but he's looking into hospital policy. If they insist it be threaded further down, he'll have to go under anesthesia to have the old line removed and the new one place. I would prefer that NOT happen so  anything that can be crossed to crossed regarding that mess, too.

In the meantime, Spencer has kept up with all his therapies and is kicking ass left and right. He's getting stronger and standing more and becoming more and more verbal. He's in the 50th percentile for height and below the 5th for weight but he eats so they're still predicting long and lean. At the end of this month we'll start preparing for him to enter the classroom for a 2-days-a-week Early Intervention Pre-School. He'll get all his therapies plus snack time, gym time, and a lot of socialization with kids his age. They said his expressive speech with explode once he's in the classroom. When she told me he'll need a little backpack I almost cried. He's going to love school! But I'm not ready for such a big milestone. Sniff!

My Porkchop just turned 9 months!!! He is amazing!! They keep saying he's ahead, especially with gross motor. He's trying to take steps every day! And he recently added "kitty" to his vocabulary. He's in the 75th percentile for height and the 10th for weight but his doc said a lot of 9 month olds just sit and play and Sullivan is constantly active. He's doing amazingly and I love him to PIECES. Ask anyone, he's the happiest baby ever. Best little brother. He'll be 1 before I know it. I'll need a tranquilizer on that day.

So outside of mom stuff and family life, I've been pretty busy with school and even with friends, outside of the pool party. Sully and I visited Potsie and Nick at their awesome new digs. On Thursday I went on a roadtrip to visit one of my best friends who had a horrible surgery with horrific complications. I felt terrible for her and worse that there was little to nothing I could do to help. I hate that she doesn't live closer so I could clean up, run errands, etc. Again, it reminds me that we are not special. Garbage is happening to everyone. She's done so much for me and I can't repay her. After that, also on the road,  I visited the bride-to-be, Tessa, and her new digs. I miss her painfully. Friday she was in my neck of the woods so we all got together in a fun group for the ItalianAmerican Summer Fest. Awesome time. And last night we stuffed ourselves silly at Chocolate Bar for her last big night out before the wedding. Get the pecan-crusted chicken and a hot chocolate to go! The martinis are also epic. 2 weeks until the wedding!

So that's my story. It's a lot, I know. And my To-Do list is ever-growing. Homework, PT for Spence tomorrow, a family function and blood work Wednesday, holiday fun, and the possibly back to the hospital (which means I need to wedge packing in there somewhere).        So maybe I should get out of bed. But the babies are still sleeping so...

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