Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Round 5: A Long Week Ahead

Round 5 of Spencer's chemo started an hour ago. While I'm SO GLAD that it's finally running after a 2 week delay, it's always in the back of my head that poison is running through his body and will be for the next week. But if it wasn't for this poison, he wouldn't be in remission. When people say "Thank God" regarding his treatment, I say "Thank Chemo". And there's only 1 more round after this. The end really is in sight. My only concern is that he's getting a type of chemo he's never had before. Hopefully he'll handle it as well as he's handled everything else. My little hero.

He's been in the hospital for a week as of tonight. Antibiotics for the line infection will wrap up tomorrow and chemo will be done next Wednesday. It's a long time for Spencer to be hooked up, especially since his leashes are short. Hopefully he'll have some visitors to make the time fly by.  We've been watching a lot of movies and playing a lot of catch since his new line was put in Monday morning.  As soon as the procedure was finished, he was a new boy. Well, he was his old self, rather. Smiling, happy, laughing. The fever took a lot out of him but he bounced back!!!

Backtracking to Saturday morning, I also bounced back from my fever. What a nightmare! Once it broke and I took a shower, I was about 85% better which was well enough to drive to Columbus (with stops at Grandpa's Cheesebarn and the GOASIS) for the wedding of my oldest friend. I am so glad I didn't miss it. The ceremony was beautiful, as was the bride. Phoebe was an excellent date and travel companion. We had a fun time at the reception but made an early exit, which was not due to the Kool and The Gang that I suggested not be played. Since I was sick earlier, we cancelled our hotel room and opted to head home. This took some of the burden off my parents who were watching Sully. He's an ANIMAL. It would've been nice for Todd to go (he said he felt bad not getting to show we off) but we have 3 other weddings coming up so having a wife date was a good time. Way better than a fever.

And speaking of all these weddings we have coming up, I am going to be a Matron-Of-Honor!! The lovely Lisa asked me the other day and I couldn't be more honored. Since she lives in Arkansas but the wedding is here, I'll be able to be helpful. I think I'm a pretty good planner so I think I'll be a pretty good MOH. 7 months of planning start now!

Sidenote, I miss Sullivan. With being sick one day and at a wedding another, I feel like I didn't get quality time with him. He's teething and a little grouchy so he needs me. The weather is going to be nice, and not broiling, this weekend so I'll have to make up for it some how. Spencer's chemo is so close to over. I have to keep that in mind. Life will go back to normal. Spencer will go to school (I bought his back pack). I'll go to school. We won't have to pack for the hospital ever again. We can burn his pajamas!!! Both of my fellas have birthdays coming up. And there are so many events...Rock-n-Bowl, Road Rash Bash, Lakewood Car Show, Granger Danger. I'm trying to stay positive even with the weird knot in my chest. I'll deal with that once we're done living in a hospital. 

I'm hoping that when this all wraps up...NEXT MONTH...Todd and I can get away. Living the life we've been living has been hard. I'd love to get an actual vacation but with two small children, it's unlikely. But maybe a trip to Kalahari. We've always loved it there. It's not Disney World or a resort in the Dominican with the pool right outside your door for a week (hate you, Tessa), but we need to be alone. We need to regroup. And we need to do it away from here. But we'll see if that's in the cards.

Spencer is telling me he wants to nap. Think I'll join!

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